It is Wednesday and I am stoked! AEW Fyter Fest begins tonight. For the next two weeks, we essentially get a glorified pay-per-view that is totally free. The next two weeks of AEW should be dynamite (see what I did there?).

Because this a special occasion for AEW, of course my predictions will be made.

Before I get to it, I want to beat the drum a little bit. I am a broken record on this.

But damn it, it is amazing to have wrestling that I actually give a shit about every single week again. We are rapidly approaching the one year mark of AEW weekly programming.

Despite covid and no fans, the product hasn’t lost steam and momentum. There was a 2-3 week period right after they began having episodes with no fans. I hated it. They have found their happy medium with other talent at ringside.

AEW focuses on what makes wrestling great in the first place, storytelling. They don’t go for cheap shock. They don’t stroke their ego and force something that is over down our throats. They let everything adequately build. In doing so, they have began building their own talent among the company.

That being said, let’s get to the predictions for the first week of Fyter Fest.

Tag Team Match – Private Party (with Matt Hardy) v Santana and Ortiz

This all started during the Stadium Stampede when Santana and Ortiz tried to drown Broken Matt Hardy and now he is able to tap into his other gimmicks. That is ultimately hilarious and why I love Matt Hardy. He has since aligned himself with Private Party as a consultant or manager if you will, which of course makes sense given their high flying nature. That led to a rivalry between the two teams by association basically.

Pick: Private Party
Why: Inner Circle has nothing to gain from this and Private Party needs a big win.  

Tag Team Match – Jurassic Express (with Marko Stunt) v MJF and Wardlow

This all started when MJF made fun of Marko Stunt on Talk is Jericho in order to build their match for dynamite. MJF made a mockery of him while also putting him over. He is literally the best heel in wrestling right now for shit like that. Meanwhile, that led to a match with Jungle Boy and then a showdown between Luchasaurus and Wardlow.

Pick: MJF and Wardlow
Why: MJF has been on an absolute roll in 2020. I ultimately think he is being prepped for a title shot very soon. 

AEW Women’s Championship – (c) Hikaru Shida v Penelope Ford (with Kip Sabian)

For all intents and purposes, the women’s division has been lacking since launching. However, putting the title on Shida was a good move. I am looking forward to when Dr. Brit Baker returns to action. Her promos have been absolutely hilarious and well crafted. Shida has been solid in her time as champion in the ring. So I hope we see those two lock up. Before taking leave, Jimmy Havoc and Sabian looked like to be on the brink of a big push as well as Ford. Ford is still getting her title shot here.

Pick: Shida
Why: She just won the title and Ford doesn’t feel like the woman to take it from her. 

TNT Championship – (c) Cody (with Arn Anderson) v Jake Hager

Cody v Inner Circle’s muscle makes all the sense in the world. Since introducing the TNT Championship, Cody has made the most of being the first champion. His promos leading up to this match have been fantastic. I love the implementation of making it feel “real” with the presser last week. Although, it was a little awkward. I could absolutely see either of them walking out as champion. Cody feels like a long time title holder her. Hager just lost to Mox for the most coveted title.

Pick: Cody
Why: Because I have to pick one. 

AEW World Tag Team Championship – (c) Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page v Best Friends

Best Friends are in another stratosphere thanks to their other Best Friend who fights Jericho next week. That of course being Orange Cassidy. Trent and Chuck Taylor are both awesome and absolutely one of the best tag teams in the company. But, that is a crowded arena. Omega and Page are two of the biggest stars in their own right, let alone as a tag team.

Pick: Omega and Page
Why: Cowboy shit. 



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