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NFL’s Top 10 Three Headed Monsters (QB/RB/WR or TE) Heading into 2020

The NFL train is back on the track today with another 2020 preview. Today, we take a look at the NFL’s best trios of offense. They are comprised of a Quarterback, Running Back and Pass Catcher. How do the trios fair? Let’s dive in…

10. Browns – Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Odell Beckham Jr.

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Mayfield – Unranked
Chubb – 6th
Beckham Jr. – 9th

I expect to catch flak for this one because of Baker Mayfield. It’s easy to forget he was good in his rookie season. His second year, the offensive line was miserable. That forced him to panic quickly and roll to his right more than he should have. OBJ played on a hernia most of the year. Because of a bad line and play-calling, the redzone offense was miserable. I still believe this can be a deadly trio.

9. Ravens – Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, Mark Andrews

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Jackson – 6th
Ingram – Unranked
Andrews – 8th

I hate not having Ingram in my top 10 backs because I think he is one of the more complete backs in the league from running between the tackles, outside, pass blocking and receiving. I digress. This offense is the Lamar Jackson show. While he has some solid supporting pieces with Ingram and Andrews, it’s not quite enough to be much higher than this.

8. Seahawks – Russell Wilson, Chris Carson, Tyler Lockett

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Wilson – 2nd
Carson – Unranked
Lockett – Unranked

This is the only trio on the list that isn’t compiled of at least two players in my top 10 at their respective positions. I believe Russell Wilson is head and shoulders the second best QB in the league (behind Mahomes) by a decent margin. While Carson and Lockett did not make the top 10, both were right there for me (11th or 12th). They both compliment their QB very well. Carson is a bruiser for Wilson to turn around and hand the ball to. Lockett is one of the best redzone receivers in the league. He is exceptionally good at finding open space on broken plays, which aids to Wilson.

7. Falcons – Matt Ryan, Todd Gurley, Julio Jones

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Ryan – 9th
Gurley – Unranked
Jones – 3rd

If Gurley was the Gurley of three years ago, this is number one. Gone are those days it seems. Once the reports surfaced on the arthritis in his knees, Gurley has been on pitch counts and looks like a shell of what he was. It’s unfortunate. He’s still a good running back nonetheless. Throwing him into the ring with one of the most consistently good QBs and top flight receivers makes a nasty trio.

6. Eagles – Carson Wentz, Miles Sanders, Zach Ertz

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Wentz – 10th
Sanders – Unranked
Ertz – 3rd

If Wentz could maintain his health, this trio has plenty of promise. Ertz is one of the best and most consistent tight ends in the league. Sanders came into his own toward the back half of his rookie season as his role expanded.

5. Vikings – Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Cousins – Unranked
Cook – 5th
Thielen – 6th

Cousins is always flirting with the cusp of Top 10 QBs. Pair that with Cook and Thielen, it’s easy to see why these three would make the top 5.

4. Packers – Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, Davante Adams

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Rodgers – 5th
Jones – 9th
Adams – 5th

Much like I talked about with Lockett in Seattle, Adams provides that similar improvisation for Rodgers who is great at extending plays. Jones continues to climb as a top tier back. Last year, we saw him capitalize on his opportunity with plenty of pay dirt and yards.

3. Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Tyreek Hill or Travis Kelce

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Mahomes – 1st
Edwards-Helaire – Unranked
Hill – 4th

Mahomes wanted the Chiefs to grab CEH and they did. That gives them a solid bruiser in the backfield. He reminds me so much of Ingram. He’s got a low center of gravity and great balance to absorb hits. As far as pass catchers, pick one with Hill or Kelce and it doesn’t change the trio at all. They are both elite at their positions.

2. Cowboys – Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Prescott – 8th
Elliott – 2nd 
Cooper – 10th

The Cowboys offense is a well oiled machine. Cooper gives Dak a great downfield threat and go-to receiver. Meanwhile, Zeke is one of the best backs in the league. He is the motor behind the Cowboys successful offense. Similar to Titans’ Derrick Henry, backs like that are a best friend to the win column. When you can pick up four yards and prevent negative plays, it allows offenses to play in front of the chains.

1. Saints – Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Michael Thomas

Top 10 Rankings of Players
Brees – 5th 
Kamara – 7th 
Thomas – 1st

We have seen plenty of great offenses with Sean Payton and Drew Brees. However, there been none as efficient as the last two years. Thomas is unbelievable bolstering the most ridiculous catch rate in NFL history. Kamara (while injured last year) still had a solid 2019. These two compliment a QB who thrives on getting the ball out quick. This is the best trio in the NFL by far.






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