The third and final chapter of the Facebook group saga. Apparently, I got involved in a trilogy of trolling. Here we are on part three with the same guy who wanted to “meet up” because of what I told him. He proceeded to block me shortly after.

I already have stated how the spread of misinformation on Facebook is a dangerous battle right now. I will fully admit I stoked the fire here and I pushed and pushed and pushed. Again, this comes down to misinformation. If you are willing to stand on a claim, be willing to back the claim. That’s all I wish people would do.

If it makes me a dick to challenge people, so be it.

If you don’t know on something, have the gonads to say that too.

People don’t do that on the internet though. They make a claim and then try and deflect to another point or insult. That is exactly what this guy did. Again, the conversation will be posted below so you can see for yourself.

Here’s the gist of it. There are people who are going hot and heavy at people for wanting others to wear masks as per suggested by the CDC. One special asshole in particular, the same guy featured on part 1 and 2 has continuously posted about Covid for the last several days in a public group that isn’t exactly designed to be political. He refuses to answer any questions or back up claims.

This all started when he decided to be a dick to someone I care about. At that point, switch flips on for me. My thought process is “well, if you want to be an asshole, good luck because I am probably better at it.”

I have a hard time living by the golden rule because some people are just genuinely assholes. If people are assholes, fuck that. Put them in their place.

As per usual, this dude decides to post more Covid shit yesterday. I wish I had all of the screenshots to share. I resorted to my copy and paste that I had saved on my phone for every time this dude posted. I finally broke the copy and paste after he asked about my employment with Anytime Fitness where I used to work. I am not even sure who he is or how he knew I worked there. He said next time he was in the parish, he would stop in and we could talk in person. I responded saying I didn’t work there and invited him to discuss on my podcast if he really wants to have a conversation.

This has happened multiple times in the last year or so. People want to have private conversations after getting called out for misinformation. No, I won’t. You put your name on the claim, back it up. You do that and I will gladly invite you to discuss on an unedited podcast. If I get owned, I get owned. People are so goddamn confident until I ask them about that.

He sends a smart ass reply and then chaos ensues. It became a full on attempt at a personal attack on my every word. Once that happens, I’ll let people bury themselves as much as possible. I’ll keep poking the bear until they explode, which ultimately happened.

Some of the interesting parts of this that were missed. Much like this idiot thought I could alter the CDC website, he didn’t know the difference between a podcast and blog. There were a few exchanges after I shared the post about society v media from here. He said it was biased because it was written by He also said it was illegal to use his private information on my site after I thanked him for the hits to my site. To which I said, not if you post on a public forum. I wouldn’t have outed his job title, but he attempted to out mine.


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