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Covid Lies: Sweden, Unemployment, Causes of Death and Your Chance of Not Dying From Covid

Another weekend in the books and more arguing with idiots on the internet. It’s just becoming laughable at this point. Maybe a little sad on my part for the effort I put in, but I don’t care. Misinformation is getting real freaking old.

My favorite part regarding the misinformation is always the people who can’t actually defend what is being shared. You question them and they balk on their own claims. Their idea of supporting claims is with more opinions. They won’t actually defend them, but they will deflect and they will certainly name call going full Karen.

In this case, a Keith and Sherry. Happy reading…

Did You Know that the US has Stopped Counting All Other Deaths to Put Covid Over?IMG_1457

Case in point, our guy Danny here. Two common arguments I have heard during this pandemic is the imperfect death toll being magnified substantially. Even if they are miscalculated which is possible, they won’t be miscalculated enough to move the needle THAT much.

The CDC has Covid projected as the third leading cause of death in 2020 behind Heart Disease and Cancer. If the numbers were being inflated, why are those numbers still on par to be what they are in most years?

The only evidence I have heard based on these claims is the “I have a friend of a friend who’s death certificate said Covid when he died in a car crash.” What? Show the proof then. Am I just supposed to take your word for it? If that is the case, I guess I will believe people who say the Earth is flat.

The provisional death count according to the CDC as of June 27th was the following…

  • Heart Disease – 328,000+
  • Cancer – 287,000+
  • Covid – 141,000+
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease – 75,000+
  • Stroke – 75,000+
  • Alzheimer’s – 63,000+
  • Diabetes – 47,000+
  • Flu – 29,000+ (Estimated Range for Season is 24-62k)

They are projecting about 230,000 deaths due to Covid by November 1st. If Covid was eating into those numbers as much as people like Danny claim? Why are the other totals remaining in tact currently? Halfway through the year, those totals have not dropped substantially enough to make that claim.


BBC did a huge outline on Sweden and it’s strategies. My favorite part about those who cite Sweden fail to realize several things here.

Sweden has a smaller population and a less dense population than the US. The ironic part about comparing is the people who love to point to Sweden are the same people who would likely rail on me if I decided to bring up social welfare programs they have to help their citizens. I always find that funny.

Let’s talk about the death count. They currently have one of the worst rates at nearly 7% of confirmed cases ending in death. They have been getting lambasted for that. Because of Sweden’s response to the virus, Denmark, Norway and Finland refuse to lift the travel ban on them.

The only right in that statement is they did remain open by in large and cases are going down. But not after the damage was done. Their hospitals were suffering from heavy overcrowding much like here in the United States. Although Sweden didn’t enforce any hard restrictions, they limited gatherings to 50 people and they implemented table only service in bars and restaurants.

There is another fundamental problem the people who talk about Sweden are missing ironically. They trust their government.

Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency released a survey in mid to late July that suggested 87% of the population are continuing to follow social distancing recommendations to the same extent as they were one or two weeks earlier, up from 82% in an earlier survey.

As far as the economy, Sweden did spend more economically than their Nordic neighbors. The Swedish economy is still projected to shrink by 5% this year, similar to the rest of their Scandinavian neighbors. They also have the highest unemployment rate of their neighbors at 9%. Why? Because people aren’t being stupid and acting as if nothing is going on.



A few people I know shared this beauty.

I know plenty of people who are currently unemployed struggling to make ends meet. People keep talking about the benefits that people received in addition to their stimulus checks.

Yes, I am not going to say every person in every situation did the responsible thing with their unemployment money. I am sure many didn’t.

I got news for you though. People have bills. You must have forgot that fundamental problem when shitting on someone for not buying a house, car or starting a business during a pandemic. Most people live beyond their means. Shitting on an unemployed person for not saving or having the means to save or invest when the bills don’t stop is like shitting on a homeless person for sleeping in a bed under a bridge (saw that happen on a viral post a few months ago). You’re missing the point entirely.

I have been fortunate enough to still get a paycheck throughout this pandemic thus far. However, my marketing business took a nose dive when this all started. Had I not been able to still collect the same paycheck, I would be fucked financially speaking.

“Chance of Not Dying From Covid”

And on the last segment of this week in bullshit…117184944_3488723861138326_4523367610899747230_o

This is so monumentally bad. Essentially, don’t worry about Covid because you probably won’t die from it. The leading cause of death in the US is Heart Disease, which would mean you have a 99.80% chance of not dying from that. Of course that scale goes down with each cause after that.

So in other words, don’t worry about anything that can potentially kill you or your loved ones.



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