I am annoyed. I am angry. I am baffled. I am dumbfounded. It doesn’t seem like I am alone in this as I have seen other people share similar thoughts.

One of the ideas of social media is a world where you can express yourself and share opinions. Of course opinions get met with differing opinions, as they should. Fulfilling dialogue is contingent on accepting other opinions and engaging openly, honestly and accurately to find the middle ground, especially when it comes to the complex ideas of politics. If middle ground cannot be found, you go on your way and agree to disagree.

We have blurred the line as a society so drastically that people can’t decipher opinions from facts anymore. Therefore, they can’t even have legitimate conversations about their opinions or why they hold them to the point of utter annoyance and willful ignorance.

Because of that, the purge of Facebook has begun. Not that this is a coming of age up yours moment. I doubt the people I unfriend and/or block will care nor should they. It is just something that needs to be done to keep my own personal sanity. There will be some people who I ultimately won’t potentially ruffle the feathers of, but that unfollow button comes in handy for them.

I am not one that purges social accounts because I am ultimately conflicted by the idea.

I tend to keep social circles of all opinions because I never want to create an echo chamber of people who strictly agree with me and my beliefs. I don’t want to surround myself with people who think just like me. I certainly don’t want to hide from opposing viewpoints.

At the same time, many of these people don’t actually want conversations. They don’t actually want to try and better understand each other. They hold their opinions whether supported and justifiable or not. That is where the frustration comes boiling over.

I wrote about social media and whether it is a net positive or negative for society last month. I have generally viewed it as a net positive. However, I believe, in a nutshell, that social is a swinging gate at all times that teeters back and forth. In the height of a campaign season and an ongoing pandemic, it has become a total shit show.

Social media usage dialed up during the pandemic for a number of reasons. People have been home more. People have been bored due to employment status.

Because of my company being a digital marketing one, I am constantly on social (specifically Facebook) throughout the day. It was ok for a while. I was trying to do more of my part in sharing factual information with people only for it to fall on deaf ears one too many times. I even continued to engage them hammering home questions they ultimately couldn’t answer. Some people just have their narratives and they run with them. For those that do, fuck em.

If you use words like democrat, republican, conservative, liberal or even the biggest buzzword around right now, socialist, as a means to insult someone, you’re a divider.

People treat socialism or socialistic policy much like communism was treated during the red scare. Case in point, Trump saying Joe Biden is socialist puppet who wants to destroy America. Someone echoed this to me recently and when asked what policy or ideology suggests socialism, there was no answer.

Nevermind the fact that more than half of the 10 most economically stable countries in the world have “socialist” policies like universal healthcare that some Americans inherently shit on as the demise of society. Of course, America is vastly different than most because it is one of the largest with a more diverse population demographic. Nonetheless, the point remains that some just inherently shit on these ideas as killers to society.

If faced with definitive proof debunking what you are claiming and you refuse to acknowledge it, you’re acting like an idiot being willfully ignorant. Another fine example, covid doesn’t exist. More recently, CoViD OnLy KiLLs 6% oF PeOpLe. So people with conditions like diabetes don’t matter got it. But, all lives matter though you know. You must have forgotten that the CDC has been saying this since it started that obesity and diabetes are two of the biggest factors for fatalities with Covid.

Nonetheless, 180k have still died with all the measures in place.

If you claim to hate misinformation or “fake news,” yet you only follow right or left wing entities and cling on to every claim being made, you can’t think for yourself.

If you claim hatred for misinformation, but cling on to every word of our current president, bless your heart then.

If you engage in goal post moving because you can’t actually back up your claims, you’re not adding anything meaningful to the conversation.

If you share a meme before fact checking it, you’re just an idiot.

The rabbit hole has become quite deep at this point. I’m just tired of the mental gymnastics you have to play with people.

Over the last 6 months, the ultimate high point was commenting on a post regarding QAnon. The list of claims was about 40 deep. In less than 5 minutes, I was able take down 7 of the first 10. That was of course met by his echo chamber of idiots calling me a pedophile. Real quality individuals.

In fact, one of the dudes said I probably molest my own daughter because of the way I look.

After quickly searching his name, I replied that it was ironic coming from him. The person who said that disgusting claim was arrested in 1999 for taking a $25 bet to shoot someone on a golf course. Here’s the irony, the person who he took the bet from was arrested for raping a 9-year-old in 2016. His response was he used to shoot bitches like me after I told him it was ironic. Lol, Cool man.

That was easily the worst of it.

Additionally, I had someone crap on my post about the NBA and Black Lives Matter basically in which I talked about how much people have tried to move the goalpost and that no form is ever good enough for getting the message across. The post stemmed from Herschel Walker’s speech in which he took a shot at athletes in the NBA for the messaging saying it does nothing conveniently ignoring the money they spend to fight for the cause.

I received a comment saying I am asking people not to disregard opinions by disregarding opinions. When I asked for clarity on specific examples on where he gets that idea, he deflected the same question multiple times. He even told me to re-read my statement and if I need clarity, let him know. No response. No clarity. More bullshit.

I am all for conversations with people who share different viewpoints. But, they need to be just that, conversations. In order to have fulfilling conversations, goal post moving, deflections and willful ignorance of information ain’t it. Unfortunately, the echo chambers of social media are hammering that home right now.

I am tired of the troglodytes. They just kill brain cells at this point.

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