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Draft Weekend (Covid Style) – I hate my friends

While some folks go out of town for Labor Day weekend or celebrate with a pool day and BBQ, I celebrate one way and one way only…Fantasy Football Drafts.

Ideally, I like to have every draft on Labor Day Weekend.

As per usual from the great Pete Eckhart, “there are many things a man can do with his time…but, this is better than those things.”

I have to be honest. For the first time probably ever, I wasn’t feeling the fantasy excitement heading in to the weekend because of all the uncertainty with Covid. I did my first draft (online) on Saturday night for my Family League. After drafting, the excitement began to flow through my veins.

The next day, we had the draft for Dirty Dozen. At the last minute, one of the dudes in my league decided to offer his outdoor patio for a small draft party. I got made fun of because that is literally the first time I was in close proximity of anyone who isn’t family since March. By close, I still kept my distance. I have been taking my social distancing to the extreme. One of my friends tried to shake hands and I hit him with the Chadwick Boseman aka T’Challa (RIP), “we don’t do that here.”

Unfortunately, I have the distinct pleasure of being this year’s Sacko. I had to wear the SACKO shirt which is something that can never be washed. Last place has to wear it for the draft. Fortunately, this is only the second year so it doesn’t smell like a total shit yet. In addition, those who went to the draft decided to troll me with custom shirts they made that said “Make Mike Sacko Again.”

I arrive and start heading to the gate and the godfather of my daughter standing in the backyard with a red shirt that looks like a Make America Great Again shirt. I am thinking, “this dude is really going hard with political trolling because he couldn’t care less about politics.” As I get closer, I think “oh yeah, he’s trolling alright. Fuck me, right?” Then, I see everyone else wearing the same shirt.

Hardy-har-har you assholes. As I always say though, all is fair in love, war and fantasy football.

It was a great time being around some of my best friends, which Covid has kept me away from. I realized the next day why being 29 sucks ass as I had two children to take care of with a pretty rough hangover and only 5 hours of sleep. Fun stuff. Work hard, play hard. It only took me about 7 hours to feel human again.

Then I capped off the long weekend last night with my Dynasty League draft.

Overall, great weekend and happy with my squads. As a reminder, I had two second place finishes last year and of course the dreaded Sacko in the league I care most about. It would be nice to break .500 this year after going 6-6 the previous three and finally topping it off with a grand 3-9 and Sacko. If Saquon gets hurt again, I think I am putting him in Jamal Charles territory of stay the hell away.

Here is to hopefully a great fantasy season.

Family League – 10 Team Standard

2019 Finish – 2nd

2020 Roster

QBs – Josh Allen, Cam Newton, Drew Lock
RBs – Saquon Barkley, Mark Ingram, JK Dobbins, Leonard Fournette, Sony Michel
WRs – Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, Cooper Kupp, Curtis Samuel
TEs – Travis Kelce, Rob Gronkowski
Def – Ravens
K – Robbie Gould

Dynasty League (Year 2) – 12 Team PPR

2019 Finish: 2nd

Roster and Additions

QBs – Carson Wentz, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jarrett Stidham (TS)
RBs – Christian McCaffrey, Marlon Mack, Jordan Howard, James White, Latavius Murray
WRs – Julio Jones, Cooper Kupp, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Ridley, Riley Ridley (TS)
TEs – TJ Hockenson, Tyler Higbee, Mike Gesicki, Greg Olsen
K – Harrison Butker
Def – Bears, Vikings

2020 Draft (11th Each Round)
1st – Antonio Gibson, RB
2nd – KJ Hamler, WR
3rd – Bryan Edwards, WR
4th – Devin Duvernay, WR
5th – Dalton Keene, TE

Received – Cam Akers and 2021 2nd Round, 2022 4th Round
Sent – Antonio Gibson, Tyler Higbee, Devin Duvernay, 2021 3rd Round

Dirty Dozen – 12 Team – .5 PPR – Two Flex Positions – IDP

2019 Finish: We’re onto 2020

QB – Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers
RBs – Saquon Barkley, James Conner, Sony Michel, Adrian Peterson
WRs – Chris Godwin, Keenan Allen, AJ Green, Jerry Jeudy, Michael Pittman, Brandon Aiyuk
TEs – Zach Ertz, Darren Waller
IDP – Joe Schobert, Eric Kendricks
Def – Steelers
K – Will Lutz


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