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*Trump Was a Disaster in the debate* – There, I fixed it

The debate was a disaster. Chris Wallace was a terrible moderator. The debate showed us nothing. It’s like watching a teacher lose control of the class. Both candidates were a joke.

These are all things I heard from people and saw on social media after the debate. The only correct statement is the debate being a disaster. Even the people I know who don’t support him are stepping around the biggest grenade of the debate…President Donald Trump. I re-watched it and I am not going to pretend Wallace nor Joe Biden did everything right. They had a few moments I cringed a little. But those were far and few between the president. The elephant in the room is Trump.

Within 10 minutes of watching the first time and confirming the second time, the strategy was clear. He didn’t want to debate and talk about certain things. He wanted to piss and moan as much as possible to throw Biden off his game. He wanted to talk over Wallace so he couldn’t gain control of the room. He succeeded in doing that and in turn he looked like a fucking moron.

This is the attitude we have become accustomed to with our standing president.

If you’re the right, he does nothing wrong. Everything he does is looked at through rose colored lenses and it is always someone else’s fault.

If you’re the left, you pander to it. You sweep certain things under the rug and think “here he goes again.”

I am not scared to stand by political figures. Come election time, I am punching Biden at the polls for my first ever vote in a presidential election. I am 29 years old and I am voting in my first election because I never registered until 2018. I registered solely because Trump won 2016.

Within the last 6-7 years, I have followed politics closer than I did prior to. One thing I never did was register to vote. I never registered because I always thought “there is no point.” I believe too many people walk into voting booths and punch ballots without knowing who or what they are voting for.

It’s evident based on the reasoning and rhetoric I hear thrown around all too often.

I will go back as far to 2008 when President Barack Obama was elected. I kept hearing from people I associated with that this country wasn’t ready for a black president. They were white by the way. He was a Muslim who wanted to destroy America. I never questioned the idea that the country wasn’t ready for a black president. Just like I never questioned that John McCain was too old to be president.

Then in 2012, you have Mitt Romney who was too moderate of a Republican as if that is a fucking problem. Thanks Tea Party.

By 2016, we get good ole Trump. I knew about his Twitter and the dumb shit he said well before the election took place. I thought what many others thought the second he announced, “not a fucking chance.” We were all obviouslty dead wrong. In 2016, Hilary Clinton’s health became a talking point for her to not be elected. I heard that before with John McCain.

The only thing I could think about was how did we get here? When I talked to people who supported him in 2016, they said he was going to “drain the swamp” and that he is transparent and he is not like the dirty politicians. Yeah ok. I’ll just take the easy shot here and say Covid. Then of course you had his awful slogan “Make America Great Again.”

When you asked people how he was going to Make America Great Again, they regurgitated those stupid basic answers which lacked any depth whatsoever.

Trump gets elected and I knew on that night it was the last election I would choose not to vote in.

All I could sit back and say, “how did we get here?” The Trumpster fire has been running roughshod ever since. I didn’t have faith in the voting process before because of the ignorance of people, which is ultimately why I never voted. Him winning took it to a whole different level.

Now here we are in 2020 with Trump v Biden and the same ignorant noise is following. Kamala Harris gets selected as VP for Biden. Of course questions about her citizenship came to the surface and Trump wouldn’t even say how ridiculous it is (Obama anyone? PS it came up again during this fucking election). He left it open for interpretation because a large portion of his base is stupid enough to believe it. Thankfully, that shit died down quick. We now have questions about Biden’s health (Clinton and McCain anyone?). Quite frankly, I think he put that to bed in the first debate. He looked sharp and concise for the most part (no more or less than he did in 2008 or 2012), while trying to talk over the screaming belligerent POTUS.

Perhaps my favorite statement that I have heard regarding Biden is he is a puppet for the far left socialists. Yet, every person I have asked to provide evidence that he has said or political policy he has supported to suggest that notion are unable to do so. Then there are people who just criticize without substance saying “there has to be better than this.” Ok, who is better? What makes someone like Biden so bad? That argument could be made in 2016 with Hilary. Now now though.

Once again, no answers. Just typical regurgitated bullshit that gets said every fucking election.

I saw a poll the other day if the media treats Trump fairly. If you answered no, you are correct. Not for the reason you may think. They don’t treat him fairly because they don’t attack or call him out enough. If the media called out every lie, every bad tweet and/or every insensitive or divisive thing he said, we would hear a hell of a lot more noise than we do now.

The debate was a perfect example of it. He tried to bully his way through Wallace and Biden. It didn’t really work because Biden more often than not didn’t take the bait. Given that we didn’t get to hear some of the answers and some things were missed, I have attached the full transcript below. Despite Trump’s awful decorum and strategy, people would rather say “oh the debate was awful.” You’re not technically wrong, but blame needs to be dished accordingly.

Read the full transcript here: https://www.rev.com/blog/transcripts/donald-trump-joe-biden-1st-presidential-debate-transcript-2020

For those who say that Wallace or whoever is hosting needs to be able to shut off microphones, you do realize the background noise of Trump screaming will still be picked up from the other microphones. It won’t exactly alleviate the problem. In fact, it could pose a bigger distraction because you may find yourself trying harder to hear the background noise.

That being said, here are a couple of quick takeaways from the debate.

The Slam Dunk One Liner

Biden saying “Would you just shut up, man?” was easily my favorite part. He said what so many of us would love to say to him.

Covid and Healthcare

I liked that Biden (when he could) took the time to address the American People directly. Especially when discussing Covid and Healthcare. He talked about the plan he laid out in March to adequately keep people safe while safely keeping the economy open.

Trump on the other hand took the opportunity to say he has done a great job and it’s fake news’ fault. Trump wants a vaccine to be rushed into the public. In the same breath, he condemned his own scientists during the debate. He also made a snide remark about Biden for wearing a mask. Ironically enough, he has Covid. No telling if this is where it came from, but they supposedly refused masks after the debate for the after party.

Then of course we had the pissing match on Obamacare. Biden talked about the number of insured Americans while Trump’s only response was “Obamacare is no good.” Good talk.

Condemning White Supremacy is a Hard Pill to Swallow I Guess

Speaking of condemning, it is amazing you have to try hard to goad someone to denounce white supremacists. Even then, he took the time to mention the left. Biden has gone on record repeatedly and condemned violence on both sides.

Trump Bullying His Way Through Biden and People Not Even On the Ballot

The segment where he belligerently began going after Biden’s education history. That was easily one of the funniest moments.

He attacked Chris Wallace after he was asked why voters should choose him. LOL He brought up his impeachment when it wasn’t even a topic. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Fucking idiot.

He attacked Obama, Hilary, Democratic Governors and Elizabeth Warren. He attacked his own FBI Director about his stance on Antifa being an ideology more so than an organization.

All of that…Weird flex, but ok.

Biden 1 – Trump 0

Biden walked away looking better in this debate without even trying. Trump is an ornery, emotional and belligerent asshole who can’t get out of his own way. He buried himself…quickly. He tried to land haymakers and all of them missed including going after Hunter Biden for his drug issues from the past after Joe talked his other son, the late Beau Biden. Way to alienate so many parents in the US. Every single thing missed. Biden took that off the chin and addressed it with dignity and grace.

Without the support of cheers behind him, Trump is nothing. He’s a fucking showman. If he doesn’t have his raucous crowd, he’s got nothing.

For Anyone Reading This Who Will Vote For Trump

I won’t condemn you for voting for someone I refuse to vote for. I won’t condemn you for having a different set of beliefs than I do. However, if you are not able to back up those beliefs, your reasons for the vote aren’t sound and/or discuss your stance without being as vague as possible, then yes. I believe you are an ignorant voter. That, I will condemn.

I had a great conversation with a friend yesterday who may vote for Trump. He laid the groundwork for why he may do so. He laid the groundwork for why. He openly shared he voted for neither Hilary nor Trump in the last election and that he will essentially hold his nose should he walk in and punch Trump’s name on the ballot in 2020.

He didn’t spew anything untruthful or echo the lies of one side. If we are not on the same team politically, that is perfectly fine. We are a country of different political ideology. Be informed about your ideology.


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