As per usual, start this off with the Weekly Picks.

  • Steelers -7 (Win)
  • Rams -7 (Win)
  • Colts Even (Loss)
  • Seahawks -7 (Loss)
  • Chiefs -11.5 (Loss)

Season Record: 17-7-1

NFL Ratings and Viewers Update

The overall numbers took a pretty hard dip in week 4. As it stands now for the first quarter of the season, the ratings have taken a dive across the board. However, you will read about a huge surge in week 5 broadcasts next week, namely TNF. Overall, the election is getting closer, games are getting rescheduled and postponed and the primetime slots have had their fair share of stinkers. The viewership isn’t bad enough to panic or worry, but it is something to monitor.

Week 1 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 20.54 Million (-7%)
Early Double Headers – 13.53 Million (+7%)
Sunday Singles – 13.59 Million (-12%)
Late Double Headers – 25.85 Million (+8%)
Sunday Night Football – 18.94 Million (-15%)
Monday Night Football (Early) – 10.76 Million (-18%)
Monday Night Football (Late) – 7.70 Million (-28%)

Week 2 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 6.68 Million (+1%)
Early Double Headers – 9.75 Million (-39%)
Sunday Singles – 16.78 Million (+11%)
Late Double Headers – 18.87 Million (-19%)
Sunday Night Football – 17.69 Million (+0.3%)
Monday Night Football – 15.59 Million (+32%)

Week 3 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 5.43 Million (-14%)
Early Double Headers – 11.68 Million (-15%)
Sunday Singles – 16.57 Million (-11%)
Late Double Headers – 22.79 Million (+1%)
Sunday Night Football – 17.80 Million (-4%)
Monday Night Football – 14.02 Million (+32%)

Week 4 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 5.41 Million (-70%)
Early Double Headers – 16.85 Million (+2%)
Sunday Singles – 9.95 Million (-32%)
Late Double Headers – 18.61 Million (-6%)
Sunday Night Football – 15.08 Million (-37%)
Monday Night Football – 8.65 Million (-17%)
Monday Night Football (Resch) – 14.6 Million (N/A)

Averages Through Week 4
TNF – 9.52 Million (2019 – 15.4)
SNF – 15.77 Million (2019 – 20.5)
MNF – 11.89 Million (2019 – 12.6)

Dak Prescott Injury

I have shared a link to the video below. *Watch at your own risk.* A routine play likely ended the season of Dak in a contract year. He underwent surgery last night after his ankle got caught up and was completely out of place on a tackle from Logan Ryan. He was seen crying as he was carted off. That is tough to watch from the injury standpoint alone. Then throwing in the contract situation just adds salt to the wound. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery and sign a lucrative contract that he ultimately deserves. Prescott’s injury came when he was the league’s leading passer and on pace for nearly 6,000 yards. Truly one of the most fun quarterbacks to watch in today’s NFL and clearly one of the most liked players. Teammates and opponents coming up to him in support of the QB. Logan Ryan even posted an emotional video of him saying how bad he feels that it happened on a routine tackle he made.

Much like everyone else, I hope Dak has a speedy recovery and Jerry Jones gives his fucking QB the contract he deserves.

Alex Smith Returns – Don’t Call It A Comeback

Back in 2018, we saw Football Team’s QB Alex Smith almost lose his leg due to a brutal injury. Fast forward to Week 5 of 2020 and he played his first down of football since then. When they cut to his family watching, you couldn’t help but feel the emotion of how special this moment was.

Falcons Pull the Plug

The Atlanta Falcons canned Head Coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitroff after their 0-5 start and two more blown leads. Those two pale in comparison to the 28-3 collapse from four years ago. I recently moved to Atlanta and I can’t tell you the amount of jokes I have heard already. Although Quinn was hired as a more defensive minded coach, the Falcons were heralded for their offense in their Super Bowl run under OC Kyle Shanahan. Since leaving, that offense has regressed dramatically in DVOA since then. One thing remains, they are great in garbage time. The defense isn’t much better.

The promising side of the Falcons is this isn’t going to be a total rebuild. Matt Ryan is still in the upper class of QBs. Todd Gurley has found new life. They have a great group of receiving threats. The defense does have some solid names like Grady Jarrett and Deion Jones. However, there is plenty work to be done in order to find the winning formula again.

Michael Thomas Benched for Fighting

First and foremost, can’t guard Mike. News broke yesterday that Saints receiver Michael Thomas is out for tonight’s game against the Chargers after fighting with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson in practice. Thomas reportedly punched the DB thus leading to the boot.

Apparently Malcolm Jenkins called him slant boy in practice which set him off. More shit happened and you know the rest. It has become his reputation and the inevitable knock that many dumb fans have about Thomas. As expected, I am reading comments about him being a prima donna because of his actions the last year or two, namely Twitter. Thomas certainly isn’t “quiet” like he once was. He doesn’t need to be. His play backs it up. He is the best receiver in the NFL who is constantly undervalued. That would strike a nerve with me as well. The knock on him running only short routes is a sham. Look at his quarterback and that likely explains him hugging closer to the LOS. When he does run downfield, he doesn’t miss a beat. He had 43 receptions of 10 yards or more while maintaining a similar catch rate to his overall.

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