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6.5 Hour Drive to Vote in my First Presidential Election

All my life, I heard words like “you don’t vote so you don’t get to say” casted at me. I am 29 and I just voted for a president last Friday for the first time. Until I was 20ish, I just didn’t give a shit. Once I started digging into politics a little more, I began realizing people don’t take it as serious as they think. If they did, they would be more educated about what they’re doing. I always thought what is the point? Why should I take it seriously if millions of others aren’t?

For the last two campaign cycles, I have seen conversations and had conversations that led to nowhere because it was clear someone having said conversation didn’t have answers. I get sick of the cycle of make a claim and then not have the intelligence to have a defense for the claim.

2020 has been the year for that. One of my favorite comedians, Steve Hofstetter posted this a couple of months back and I always get a laugh from it.

“I got to say, I’m just really impressed with those of you who know more about medicine than doctors and more about science than scientists. I think I can speak for all of us when I say WE ARE SO IMPRESSED WITH HOW UNIQUE AND SMART YOU ARE.

And for those of you refusing to be sheep, can I just compliment you on how much of an original you are? Your originality is especially highlighted as you copy and paste talking points that you yourself can not actually explain. From a sheep to a true original thinker, let me say ‘bravo!”

Every election cycle, I hear the same regurgitated crap about the candidates that I dove into last column regarding presidential elections. I figured I would do a quick rehash of that. Long story short, ignorant ballots are why I never voted. Then, Donald Trump won. I told myself I will never sit by for another election.

If you follow the blog closely, I just moved to Atlanta about a week ago. However, I am a registered Republican in the state of Louisiana. For those who know me well enough, you’re probably thinking what the hell?

Quick side story. When I registered to vote knowing LA is hard red, I decided to register accordingly because then I can at least get a say in the primaries knowing LA would be voting red come election anyway. In 2016, I could at least vote for John Kasich had I been registered at the time.

Luckily for me, I haven’t started my new job yet and my wife had not started hers when early voting opened. I decided to head back to good ole Destrehan, LA on Thursday to vote Friday morning and leave Saturday morning. It also gave me some extra time with family and close friends. So I took advantage of that as well as uninterrupted sleep into the late morning. Dad life, so I don’t get to do that often these days.

I woke up later than I had planned on Friday morning. I thought I was going to be in a long wait to vote. Luckily, the wait was about 10-15 minutes. I was able to punch Biden/Harris and get out quickly. I didn’t leave without of taking a picture in my car after and posting about my first presidential vote. If you don’t take a selfie, it didn’t happen, right? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t simply a means to troll as well as push the person I want to win.

It wasn’t the only subtle trolling I did that day as I wore a Megan Rapinoe shirt to the polls. For those who don’t remember what happened during the last Women’s World Cup, allow me to rehash. It was Rapinoe who got into a Twitter spat with President Trump. That of course led to his base making harsh remarks about her sexuality and gender. She then proceeded to score two goals against France in the next game and hit the biblical arms out “look at me” pose with the biggest shit eating grin on her face. It essentially gave the middle finger without giving the middle finger. I rocked my shirt which has her striking that pose within the confines of the letters of her name, “RAPINOE.”

People have an immense sense of pride (at least based on Facebook) when they cast their vote. To be honest, I never understood the I Voted stickers. I still won’t wear one of those.

I do understand the sense of pride to some degree. I am not sure if it is the voting itself or what I believe this vote actually means. I do agree with the people who say this is the most important presidential race in recent history. Then the other side is of course the who.

I am a massive fan of former President Barack Obama. In fact, his bobblehead sits on my desk right behind me. When things began heating up on the 2020 trail, I was happy that his former VP made the ticket. I was even more thrilled when he announced Kamala Harris as his own VP. Much like Kasich in 2016, I knew Pete Buttigieg didn’t have much of a shot. I would gladly take a Biden/Harris ticket. That is what we got. If it wasn’t the ticket, I am not sure whether I would have the same sense of pride or not.

Either way, I am happy I registered. I am happy I voted. That 6.5 hour trip was worth it.
#RidinWithBiden #DerailTheTrumpTrain


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  1. Poorwa Vishwakarma Avatar

    Your trip will be really helpful for your country. I believe!

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