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NFL 2020 Week 7 Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

As per usual, start this off with the Weekly Picks.

  • Packers -3.5 (Win)
  • Bills -10 (Loss)
  • Raiders +4.5 (Loss)
  • Seahawks -3.5 (Loss)
  • Chiefs -7.5 (Win)

Season Record: 20-14-1

NFL Ratings and Viewers Update (1 Week Lag)

I was going to try my best to keep up with the ratings thus far and analyze them. Here is my analysis, Covid is fucking them up royally. There have been reschedules and postpones which has ultimately caused some flux. I will still post these each week based on the data we have. I will tally the games accordingly. For example, there have been 9 games played on Monday thus far.

Week 1 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 20.54 Million (-7%)
Early Double Headers – 13.53 Million (+7%)
Sunday Singles – 13.59 Million (-12%)
Late Double Headers – 25.85 Million (+8%)
Sunday Night Football – 18.94 Million (-15%)
Monday Night Football (Early) – 10.76 Million (-18%)
Monday Night Football (Late) – 7.70 Million (-28%)

Week 2 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 6.68 Million (+1%)
Early Double Headers – 9.75 Million (-39%)
Sunday Singles – 16.78 Million (+11%)
Late Double Headers – 18.87 Million (-19%)
Sunday Night Football – 17.69 Million (+0.3%)
Monday Night Football – 15.59 Million (+32%)

Week 3 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 5.43 Million (-14%)
Early Double Headers – 11.68 Million (-15%)
Sunday Singles – 16.57 Million (-11%)
Late Double Headers – 22.79 Million (+1%)
Sunday Night Football – 17.80 Million (-4%)
Monday Night Football – 14.02 Million (+32%)

Week 4 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 5.41 Million (-70%)
Early Double Headers – 16.85 Million (+2%)
Sunday Singles – 9.95 Million (-32%)
Late Double Headers – 18.61 Million (-6%)
Sunday Night Football – 15.08 Million (-37%)
Monday Night Football – 8.65 Million (-17%)
Monday Night Football (Resch) – 14.6 Million (N/A)

Week 5 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football – 14.71 Million (+3%)
Early Double Headers – 14.14 (-12%)
Sunday Singles – 12.49 Million (-23%)
Late Double Headers – 22.87 Million (-7%)
Sunday Night Football – 15.08 Million (-17%)
Monday Night Football – 10.69 Million (-4%)
Special – 10.8 Million (N/A)

Week 6 Final Tally
Thursday Night Football (ReSch) – 12.16 Million (-24%)
Early Double Headers – 12.10 Million (-7%)
Sunday Singles – 16.66 Million (+2%)
Late Double Headers – 22.31 Million (+4%)
Sunday Night Football – 12.60 Million (-15%)
Monday Night Football – 11.32 Million (-15%)

Averages Through Week 6
TNF – 10.82 Million (2019 – 15.4)
SNF – 16.20 Million (2019 – 20.5)
MNF – 11.72 Million (2019 – 12.6)

Welcome to TOMpa Bay

Because I make predictions before every season, I am wrong about plenty of things by the end. One thing I was not wrong about is how good Tampa Bay could be with Tom Brady. I can’t speak for the pulse of the country so I am speaking directly to the New Orleans Saints fans here. If you’re reading this and asking why I am singling them out, I am from New Orleans and many of my followers are part of the Who Dat Nation. Some of these fans don’t like when I rip on them, but fuck em. I am not here to pander to your rose colored lenses.

I was met with some criticism for the take that Tom Brady was being handed a Ferrari of a roster and that Tampa Bay could easily win now. They had a top 5 defense last year. The offensive line was great guard to guard. He was walking into the best receiving tandem he has had since Moss / Welker. Yet, the echo chamber of Who Dat Nation said Tampa Bay sucked and he wasn’t going to help them because he was old and decrepit (Oh the irony). Get absolutely bent on that. If that was you, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you would like to read the full column, check it out here…


After the slow start in 2020, Brady has been dialed in the last five weeks cutting down the turnovers. Since Week 3, Brady has 15 TDs to 1 INT and the Bucs are 4-1. They have scored 38 or more in 3 of those games. The offense is rolling.

Assuming nothing crazy happens, this offense added Antonio Brown to go along with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans. JEEEEEZ!

Atlanta – Bless Your Hearts

They just continue to find ways to lose and it is remarkable. Todd Gurley scored a late TD while attempting to not score so the Falcons could run the clock and kick the chip shot sending them to victory. Even though it hurt me in fantasy, I sat there laughing maniacally at how one team can continue to fuck up so badly. They ended up losing and blowing the game in another unexpected manner.

Atlanta, keep being Atlanta. I love living here, but your sports teams need to get their shit together.

I Miss Teddy Bridgewater in New Orleans

During the Saints match up with the Panthers on Sunday, Teddy Bridgewater ran out of bounds on a play and found the bench sitting in between former teammates Drew Brees and Taysom Hill.

It was a subtle reminder of how much I loved seeing his dancing in the locker room and his absurd antics which makes him such an amazing teammate. I am thrilled the Saints may have Jameis for the future. I wish they would have been able to retain Teddy. I am also happy he got a hefty contract from Carolina.

Denzel Ward Slides Under Block For Tackle

I don’t really have much to say other than WOULD YA LOOK AT THAT! JUST LOOK AT IT!

Steelers Undefeated – The Lone Wolf

Since they are the only remaining unblemished team at 6-0, let’s talk about the Steelers. They knocked off a fellow unbeaten this week in the Tennessee Titans.

It comes down to their defense. They have held opponents to 24 or less in all but one game this season. A large reason for that is their ability to control the line of scrimmage. They lead the league in sacks, total pressures and pressure percentage. They have given up the least rushing yards this year and are second in yards per attempt. There isn’t a team in the league that controls the line of scrimmage on defense better than the Steelers. It’s not particularly close. The next best is arguably Tampa.

Big Ben looks like a typical savvy vet. He has been spreading the ball to a handful of weapons including JuJu Smith Schuster, Eric Ebron, Chase Claypool, Diontae Johnson and James Washington. Meanwhile, Conner has been one of the most consistent backs in 2020 with three 100 yard games, which is tied for the league lead with Derrick Henry and Ronald Jones.

I am not sure if Big Ben is capable of beating a top QB like Mahomes in a shootout at this point in his career. I am also not sure if he will have to do that with the defense they have, even with the loss of Devin Bush.

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