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NFL 2020 Midseason Takes – Answering My Own Week 1 Questions

For week 1 of the season, I did my power rankings with a question I wanted answered for each team. Some have not been determined. However, most have. Let’s dig into the first power ranking and what has transpired.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars

On a scale of 1-10, how much is the Jags’ front office tanking for Trevor?

Answer: 11.

31. Washington Football Team

When will Dan Snyder actually pick a name so I can stop typing this stupid shit?

Answer: Not soon enough.

30. Detroit Lions

Matt Patricia sucks as a head coach, can we stop stepping around it?

Answer: They are 3-3 yes, but the two game win streak includes the Falcons and Jags. He still sucks.

29. Miami Dolphins

Will the offensive line protect Ryan Fitzpatrick enough for Brian Flores to eventually name Tua the starter?

Answer: Yes. I am a little shocked by the announcement to start Tua especially since they are 3-3 and have played well. We know all the things Ryan Fitzpatrick can’t do.

28. Carolina Panthers

Teddy two gloves has his second chance, what does he do with it?

Answer: He is making the most of it despite the record. He is picking up where he left off with the Saints in terms of production. On top of that, he has been without the best offensive weapon the Panthers have.

27. New York Giants

Does the positional potential become null and void due to inadequacy up front on both sides of the ball?

Answer: Yes and No. The defense is holding up their end of the bargain. The offensive line still sucks and Andrew Thomas looks like a miserable bust.

26. Cincinnati Bengals

If AJ Green stays healthy, can he re-establish himself as one of the best receivers in football?

Answer: If I wrote this two weeks ago, no. Writing this today, he’s looked great the last two weeks. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! MY FANTASY TEAM NEEDS YOU!

25. New York Jets

How long before Adam Gase has a viral post game presser?

Answer: Follow up question, how is he still coaching?

24. Los Angeles Chargers

Can the offensive line protect Tyrod Taylor?

Answer: Sometimes we ask the wrong questions. They’re not doing a great job protecting Justin Herbert and it doesn’t matter. He is playing great regardless.

23. Chicago Bears

Why did the Bears take on a miserable contract for Nick Foles just to start Mitchell Trubisky?

Answer: I said maybeeeeeeee, you’re gonna be the one that saves meeeeeeeee.

22. Los Angeles Rams

Can the Rams rebound and make the playoffs in a backfield led by Cam Akers? (Let’s stop bullshitting that he’s not your best back.)

Answer: Or use an RBBC that doesn’t include him being the workhorse. It’s working though.

21. Atlanta Falcons

Will you be able to generate a pass rush to help your shitty defense?

Answer: They’re slightly better than 2019, but the defense still sucks.

20. Las Vegas Raiders

Can Derek Carr take a leap in 2020 with all the new weapons to throw to?

Answer: Yes. He is playing like a top 10 QB at the moment.

19. Houston Texans

Can your secondary make enough plays to help Deshaun Watson?

Answer: Nope.

18. Denver Broncos

Can Bradley Chubb step up in the absence of Von Miller?

Answer: He is in the top 15 in total pressures. However, he is one of the worst tacklers in the league with a missed tackle percentage of 19%.

17. Cleveland Browns

Can Kevin Stefanski turn the offense into everything it is supposed to be on paper?

Answer: They have been shut down completely by the Ravens and Steelers. However, they have no less than 32 in their other five games. To say it has improved tremendously would be a damn understatement.

16. Arizona Cardinals

Let’s go cliche here and ask can Kyler Murray avoid a sophomore slump in 2020?

Answer: He does make some pretty reckless decisions in moments. However, he is having a solid 2020 thus far.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

How will the Eagles address all of the injuries on the offensive line?

Answer: By allowing Carson Wentz to get obliterated.

14. Minnesota Vikings

No Everson Griffin and Danielle Hunter on IR, where will they get a pass rush to help a depleted secondary?

Answer: Trade for Yannick Ngakoue and then trade him again because the team is struggling.

13. Tennessee Titans

Will anyone step up into a number two receiver role to compliment AJ Brown?

Answer: Although I wouldn’t call either a true number two, Corey Davis and Adam Humphries are going to easily surpass the disappointing 2019 campaigns.

12. New England Patriots

What does Cam Newton have left in the tank?

Answer: I would’ve said plenty 2-3 weeks ago. Now, I am not so sure. We will say TBD.

11. Indianapolis Colts

Does Philip Rivers have another deep postseason run left in his veins?

Answer: He needs to play infinitely better if he wants that to happen.

10. Buffalo Bills

Can Josh Allen improve his accuracy to maximize the deep threat ability of newly acquired deep threat Stefon Diggs?

Answer: Big time. So far in 2020, his completion is 9% better than 2019. He is well over the league average throwing to every spot on the field minus in the flats to the left (65.2 Rating / League Avg 90.7), intermediate left (37.2 / 84.6) and deep middle (87.9 / 89.4). He is well below the average in every other spot on the field.

9. Green Bay Packers

Are we going to see a vengeful and angry Aaron Rodgers again?

Answer: Count him out or disregard him and this is what happens.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

What is the actual ceiling of this team if they have quality QB play?

Answer: The last remaining undefeated team.

7. Dallas Cowboys

A loaded roster on paper, can Mike McCarthy be the one who takes them on a deep postseason ride?

Answer: Bring back Jason Garrett.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

How long before I get to say I told you so on “aging” Tom Brady?

Answer: Suck it. Not long at all.

5. Seattle Seahawks

How much does it say about the pass rush when Jamal Adams inevitably ends up leading the team in sacks?

Answer: Jamal Adams hasn’t played in 3.5 weeks and he is still tied for first with 2.0.

4. Baltimore Ravens

Can Lamar Jackson make the leap in the postseason?

Answer: TBD

3. New Orleans Saints

Do the Saints throw themselves out of another playoff game with a loaded roster?

Answer: TBD. But if they do, good God almighty.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Is the Super Bowl hangover inevitable?

Answer: They get a pass because of the amount of significant injuries. Most teams wouldn’t have a winning record at this point with the kind of injuries they have.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Will the Chiefs become the first team to repeat since the 2005 Patriots?

Answer: I still view them as the heavy favorite in the AFC.

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