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Nov. 7 2020 – I have Waited 4 Years for This and It Felt Like 8

Gut wrenching.

That is the best way to describe how I felt in November of 2016 when President Donald Trump was elected president. I sat there watching state after state called red thinking “there is no way this is going to fucking happen.” How did someone who ran on so much hateful rhetoric sell enough people to get the oval? It is a loaded question, but I knew then the very basic answer.

Donald Trump was a symptom of the Tea Party’s rise ultimately graying the line of the Republican Party in the early 2010s. Don’t believe me, this clip from the Newsroom was nearly a decade ago and it sounds awfully familiar in 2020.

They helped give Trump the pathway to the oval and he ran with it. It didn’t help that one of the most unlikeable politicians of my lifetime was on the other side of the aisle in Hilary Clinton.

Despite that, I never thought I would ever see a Trump presidency. I, along with many others, clearly got that wrong. I drank a lot that night as I thought “what the fuck are we doing?” Him winning ultimately lead me registering to vote and I told myself I would never sit out of another election again. I am proud to say I voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It has been a long 4 years. It feels like 8 years if you include the last 8-9 months. The American people have spoken and President Trump joins an elite list of presidents who were so unbelievably bad that they lost re-election.

While popular vote does not necessarily determine presidential elections, Americans let their voices be heard by giving Biden the most votes in US history. Biden defeated Trump without winning Ohio, the first to win without OH since John F. Kennedy. Biden also claimed Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania who voted for Trump in 2016. We are still awaiting the final results on Georgia which Biden currently leads as well.

Assuming results hold in Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska, Biden will go on to win 306 to 232. The same margin of victory President Trump earned in 2016. It feels amazing.

This has been the craziest election cycle I have experienced due to mail in voting. Waiting days for results is quite honestly a total pain in the ass. It was a hell of a feeling to wake up a few days ago and see that Georgia had flipped and Pennsylvania would be doing the same.

Now comes the fallout. Trump is obviously handling the loss like the big pile of shit he is. Of course it wasn’t a fair election after months of him telling his base that the left was stealing the election. Of course the mouth breathers actually believe it. Just like they believe all the other erroneous claims he makes. He lives in a world of disinformation more so than the news networks he likes to call “fake news.”

Although we have not heard the last of President Trump, you can kindly get the fuck out of the oval come January. I would be lying if I said I don’t despise him and his die hard supporters. Like Abraham Lincoln, I will not tell a lie and I have been told I am the most honest person since Abraham Lincoln.

Enough about Trump, let’s talk about the winners, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Despite what the troglodytes of Trump want you to believe, Biden has a long political history of being moderately left. Focus on that the word before left if you’re reading this. When you go back in his political timeline, you have to keep in mind that being left today is not the same as being left 40 years ago. The political needle moves constantly. He once supported a bill that defined marriage as a union between a man and woman. The other major criticism is his support of the 1994 crime bill which led to many black people being incarcerated.

Part of evolving as people is learning to see the error of your ways in the past. We weren’t in the same political climate in 94 that we are in now. Biden has condemned both of his stances on these two things time and time again. He has a long history of being a moderate democrat, whether you want to believe it or not.

If you are under the thinking that he is some radical left puppet to implement socialism…

First and foremost, you probably can’t even explain the difference between communism and socialism, but yeah I am sure that is true. Second, save some aluminum foil so I can have some to wrap my lunch. Go easy on the tin foil hat production. Lastly, you’re a troglodyte.

As for Kamala (Comma-luh), it is a pretty remarkable footprint in our history as we elected not only the first woman to hold Vice Presidency. She is the first black and first South Asian to hold office. That in and of itself is another stepping stone to becoming a more inclusive nation.

As for Harris, she also came with a handful of criticisms which includes her time as DA of San Francisco. Her political alignment simply put is complicated. As an attorney, it was her job to score convictions and she did. NPR put together a great profile on her back in October which you can read here…


Much like Biden, she is someone who often stands on her own accord and sort of plays to the beat of her own drum if you will.

Today, I can call myself a proud American. I am happy that my friends who are immigrants and/or minorities don’t have to hear that kind of rhetoric coming from someone who holds the title of President anymore. At least not after a few more weeks. I saw the video of Van Jones’ response to Trump losing and there are many people who feel similarly.

Ultimately, 2020 was more about defeating President Trump and less about who took office. I know people who also consider themselves democratic who aren’t necessarily supporters of the Biden/Harris ticket like I am. We can agree on one major thing, this election was about establishing some fucking decorum back to the presidency. It was about finding someone who wanted to create more unity, not divide.

In the same breath, you could be reading this thinking “well he just called me a troglodyte.” Don’t be a troglodyte then.

I am also not the president. I had a conversation with someone who is a Trump supporter the other day. Like I told that person, I will never not be your friend because of it. I will 100% call you out for playing into the disinformation and misinformation. I’ll do that to anyone.

I don’t care how you lean politically. I have friends on every side. I have friends that think differently than I do. That will never bother me. In fact, I welcome it. But the second your armor pierces and I see you engage in disinformation or misinformation regularly with no regard for honest dialogue, yes, I think less of you. If you don’t like that, be more informed and less ignorant. That is a you problem.

Unfortunately, President Trump epitomizes that along with his die hard base. So yeah, get bent.

At the end of this, I will gloat in this victory because I wasn’t sure it would actually happen and I am sick of President Trump. I want someone who is accountable and can admit faults. I want someone who has some dignity. I want someone who has compassion. I want a goddamn leader.

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  1. Pops Avatar

    Well stated love
    The clip from the newsroom the tea party and its followers destroyed the Republican Party

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