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600th Hotard Huddle Post – 6 Pop Culture Characters That Embody Me

Here we are at another milestone for Hotard Huddle. This very posts marks the 600th for this blog after launching in May of 2016. There have been periods of inactivity over the last few years. This is unquestionably the most active I have been with the blog over the last year and half with 348 posts. To those who continue to follow, thank you. To those who decided to be a sponsor in all things Hotard Huddle, thank you. A double thank you given the nature of what this blog can be at times. Sometimes, a man just needs to get on his soap box and call people troglodytes.

I was recently reading a column I published back in early 2020 about the Top 10 QBs in NFL history. I made the short-sighted decision to put Drew Brees 3rd being prisoner of the moment. While re-reading it, I sent it to a good friend and just said what the fuck was I thinking? Brees is obviously a first ballot Hall of Famer, but 3rd? Not so much. I told my friend that I felt the argument was well crafted, but that plays into a specific idea…

Give me 5 minutes, I will convince you Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever. Give me 5 days, I will convince you Blake Bortles is. That is essentially what I did putting Brees 3rd.

When I told this to my friend, he told me the cold hard truth…Hotard Huddle got soft. That made me cringe, but it was true. I found myself trying to play all sides of the fence and pandering a bit to people. Not to an extreme level, but enough to where I thought, “shit, he’s right.” We then joked about how the pandemic brought back the brand of Hotard Huddle that was more crass, more me. Poo poo on people who deserve to be poo’d poo’d on.

But, it is all part of the journey and fun of writing. Here is to number 600 and 640,000+ words later and changes in identity I guess.

For those who have been part of this journey, you probably have become accustomed to the idea that I love blending real-life and pop culture. For numero 600, here are 6 pop culture characters that I feel most associated with.

Kevin McArthur – The League

Worst. Fantasy. Luck. Ever. Can’t win shit in fantasy football anymore. Because of how much I hate watching my friends win, it kills me every year. I feel my sense of humor is very similar to his. A lot of snarky comments that sort of fly under the radar. I get made fun of quite often among my friends, but also bring much of that onto myself. At this point, I feel like I am the epitome of Kevin McArthur.

Alexander Hamilton – Hamilton

Someone out there is probably thinking “damn, you think highly of yourself.” The more I watch Hamilton, the more I can relate. He is a loyal friend to those close to him. He is unapologetic about his thoughts and beliefs. He respects people who stand their ground on what they believe (within reason of course) and are the opposite of people like Aaron Burr, as evidenced when he endorsed Thomas Jefferson. He is also a gifted writer. I have been told that by others so that is not self endorsement. He has a chip on his shoulder about being underestimated. Feel that to the fullest. Lastly, he totes the line of arrogance and confidence. Those closest to him probably would say the latter. Those who don’t know him as well would say the former. All these things apply to me.

Cory Matthews – Boy Meets World

I’ll start with the most obvious parallel. He outkicked his coverage with Topanga. I feel the same about my wife. They were also high school sweethearts. As a kid, he was shy and unsure about where he fit in. I can relate to that ten fold. I always thought of myself as the kid in the class who was kind of there. Tried to be the clown at times, never stuck. I was smarter than my GPA showed. I was never the star athlete. I lacked confidence, but somehow managed to have loyal friends throughout the years. In fact, one of my closest friends (my version of Shawn if you will) is and has always been there for me. I was very fortunate to have a best friend like him growing up. That same friend created the track for my pod. Love you fam.

Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

I drink and I know things. Tyrion remained my favorite throughout Game of Thrones because of his wit and tenacity. One of my favorite quotes is when he tells Jon “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” Again, from a standpoint of being underestimated, feel that. More so, I love that he owns it. I own my baggage. I own my shortcomings. If anyone wants to shit on me for it, go for it. On top of that, Tyrion is such a wordsmith who can talk his way into or out of anything. Well, clearly I am not short on words myself.

Peter Brand – Moneyball

The genius behind Moneyball. There seems to be a theme of people who are wildly underestimated. Peter was another one. The big reason I chose Peter is because of the analytical side. One of the things I often get complimented on is the stats I find and cite in my columns when it comes to the NFL and NBA. I just want to be thorough in my research. For example, I have seen countless people cite Drew Brees’ air yards this year. To combat that, I have seen others who fan boy over him talk about this stat all of a sudden being pulled out of thin air. I just sit back and think to myself, “mother fucker, I have been talking about this shit for two goddamn years.” These deep dives into statistics for this blog is the reason most can’t hold a torch to me when it comes to debating certain aspects of sports. For Saints fans, don’t ever @ me on them because I will destroy you.

Johnny – Major League II

I am 100% a front runner when it comes to sports. I am a fan of the game more so than a fan of a team. If you want my interest, be interesting. Living in New Orleans and being a Saints fan for many years, I get tired of the pandering. Often times, I get looked at as a heel from other Saints fans. I literally got told by someone recently, I look forward to reading something positive about the Saints for once after they ran roughshod on Tampa Bay. Call out a team for shortcomings and it’s being fair-weather. Maybe that is what I am. I’d rather be fair-weather than blind in most scenarios.

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