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Disney World During Covid – A Much Needed Normal AS Normal Can BE

This post is coming much later than I had anticipated. Between my work schedule and a severe case of writer’s block lately, it has been rough getting new posts out there for the blog. Ironically enough, I feel like the holiday season is usually when I get my worst cases of writer’s block. But, I digress.

2020 has been a total shit show for most of us. I have talked about that plenty. I haven’t taken a deep dive into the impact 2020 has had on my three year or threenager if you will. From his normal being stripped away due to Covid to a new sibling and then a move, I am sure this year hasn’t been easy for him and it shows. At the end of the day, I try to keep those things in perspective. I know how badly I have handled what has happened this year at times. I can only imagine what it is like for someone who has been alive for a little over three years and can barely figure out how to process their most basic emotions.

For our family, our Disney trips have always been our safe haven and happy place. Even in the midst of Covid, we were not going be denied a chance of normalcy. Even though, we almost were.

Forgive my side rant here, shoutout to my wife’s former employer for screwing up her resignation and fucking up our insurance. Right before our Disney trip, my daughter was running a fever with no other symptoms. No worries, it was likely from her cutting a tooth. That being said, we had to pay out of pocket for the doctor and had an urgent care deny us for not having insurance. It was so much fun figuring that out a day before the trip. From the bottom of my heart, to everyone who was part of the process in us not being able to get insurance for 6 weeks, I hope you all get Ebola.

Luckily, it worked out. My daughter was fine and we were able to go Disney World.

One thing my wife and I both knew was we may have our hands full with our little dude. We were right in that assumption. We dealt with a handful of meltdowns and things we would rather not remember about this trip. You know who won’t remember those things? Our pain in the ass threenager.

He’s going to talk about all the things he enjoyed versus the things he didn’t enjoy. He is going to remember playing in the splashpad at the hotel versus the meltdown when I told him we needed to head back to the room. He won’t remember me fussing at him when he wouldn’t listen. He will remember me getting in the water with him fully clothed (didn’t anticipate going in with him) and going down the waterslide with him until he felt confident enough to do it on his own.

He won’t remember getting upset every time we had to get off the monorail, but he will remember riding it from our hotel to Magic Kingdom and back.

He won’t remember throwing a fit for no reason at all before doing the speedway. He will remember doing it several times in a row and getting the yellow car he wanted.

He will remember going on his first roller coaster, The Barnstormer. Even though he was scared when it was happening, he still talks about going on it.

It was much different than our first two trips with him. He was more fussy and scared of more things than the previous two times. But he likely won’t remember those things just like he doesn’t remember the bad for the other two trips. All the great parts of the trips will fill his memory bank. Those will be his takeaways. It will also be one of the few normalcies he will remember from 2020.

Doing Disney During Covid

I had a few people ask how Disney was with everything going on. The simple answer is the same way it always is, top notch. It was refreshing to see an entire group of people actually following fucking guidelines for once.

I am not saying you can’t get Covid in Disney, but they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their guests. I saw a handful of people walking with their masks pulled down and it didn’t take very long for a cast member to tell them to pull it up. Between mask enforcement to temperature checks to social distancing in the restaurants, lines and transportation (at least on the monorail), they seem to have things under control.

The crowds weren’t bad due to limited park capacity. There were a few things we did not get to do during the two days we spent in Magic Kingdom like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Jingle Cruise. We were able to do everything else with reasonable wait times.

As per usual, it was a magical trip and we damn sure weren’t ready to leave.

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