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Hook, Line and Sinker: Talk Shit About Chase Young and Football Team Fans Come Running

Every post for the blog gets automatically published in a tweet to my inactive Twitter account. I rarely use Twitter because I don’t feel like seeing the cesspool of stupidity more often than not. I follow a handful of people and will occasionally use it to find stats or backing for things I write.

Yesterday, I posted my Monday Not So Morning Thought as per usual. These don’t typically gather a ton of views aside from my regular readers. All of a sudden, I randomly have some notifications on Twitter. I am thinking “what the hell is going on?”

Apparently the 6-7 Washington FOOTBALL TEAM fanboys didn’t like me saying Chase Young is still overrated and not worth the 2nd overall pick. I will stand by it until proven otherwise.

In 12 games for the rookie, Young has 35 tackles, 8 tackles for loss, 5.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 13 total QB pressures. He has been a good rookie. I think his ceiling as a pro is a similar blueprint to Jadeveon Clowney. He’s been a decent pro, but certainly not someone you would draft 1st overall. I feel the same about Young at 2nd overall. Just don’t tell that to the fans I guess.

Young is 35th in sacks and 74th in total pressures after this week and he has played 70% of his team’s defensive snaps. Talk to Football Team fans and he’s a god apparently. Here is how he stacks up against some other rookie pass rushers in their first seasons…

  • Panthers Brian Burns – 7.5 sacks and 23 pressures *Note – he only played 27% of the defensive snaps*
  • Chargers Joey Bosa – 10.5 sacks and 80 pressures
  • 49ers Nick Bosa – 9.0 sacks and 45 pressures
  • Broncos Bradley Chubb – 12.0 sacks and 36 pressures
  • Steelers TJ Watt – 7.0 sacks and 33 pressures

Yeah. Chase Young is doing fantastic and living up to the hype though. There is still time obviously for him to boom. He could. He is an athletic freak. But, that only gets you so far in the NFL as stated in my column back in April.

Here is what the Troglodytes of the Washington Football Team had to say on the subject as they circled jerked each other regarding my criticism of Young…


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