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I’m Sorry. Did I Start This?

I thought it was over. But, here I am four days later and one of the Chase Young fanboys keeps tweeting me. Of course, I will continue to get the last word. Because well…don’t @ me. I am here for that shit.

I will share the full thread below for your viewing pleasure.

Long story short as I talked about in a previous post, I posted my thoughts on Chase Young. A Washington Football Team fan found it and tweeted it. He tagged some fanboy sports writer in Washington along with some of his Football Team circle jerk buddies I assume. I get hammered by them. So naturally, I had fun at their expense. It ended with the meat wagon sports writer blocking me and some dude getting offended by my insults.

What’s funny about the people who come after you is they usually tend to be the softest. I had a handful of FOOTBAWWWWW TEAM fans launch insults including calling me a “tard” in reference to my last name and saying shit about my profile picture being surrounded by toys in my parents’ basement.

Dude throws out the word tard and I offend the lot of them? El oh el. As for the basement dwelling comment, the photo was in Louisiana which doesn’t have basements. Second, I currently live in my in-law’s basement…dumbass.

Then the fool who blocked me told me and the dude I was going back and forth with to act like grown ups. The ironic part is his pinned tweet was a video of him poo-pooing on an entire fan base. wHaT a GrOwN Up.

That is to be expected though…”YOU CAN’T DO THAT! BUT I SURE AS SHIT CAN!”

At the very least, it provided me with a little entertainment for a few days. As for the mouth breathers, get bent. (View full thread below)

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