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NFL 2020 Week 15 Monday Not So Morning Thoughts

As per usual, start this off with the Weekly Picks.

  • Bucs -6.5 (L)
  • Chiefs -3 (Push)
  • Browns -6.5 (Win)
  • Packers -8.5 (L)
  • Vikings -3 (L)

Season Record: 39-34-2

Drew Brees Returns – Shits the Bed – Saints Fans Never Want to Say It

Seriously, just stop. At what point do Saints come to terms with the idea that Drew Brees just isn’t THAT good anymore. Chalk the loss to the Chiefs up as another notch in the story that the Saints suck at establishing the run causing them to lose games.

You won’t hear that from most people though. Instead, you will hear about the refs. You will hear about the defense. Wait, the same defense who has been carrying the Saints? Here is what you need to know about Drew Brees’ return…

41 Minutes TOP for Chiefs
92 Total Plays for Chiefs
34 First Downs
Only 21 Points Through 3 Quarters

Drew Brees had -9 Yards early in the 2nd Quarter and hadn’t completed a pass the entire first quarter
Saints finished 1 for 11 on 3rd Down

You know you are down your best receiver in Michael Thomas. So it didn’t help when Emmanuel Sanders left the game either. Save your CaN’t GeT OpEn talk. Your HOF QB is supposed to be able to make throws in tight windows. Brees can’t do that anymore. So how did the Saints respond to this? Throwing regularly when playing behind the chains on 2nd and longs instead of attempting to run on one of the worst run defenses with one of the league’s best rush attacks.

But yeah, let’s stick to status quo where the fan base blames refs and defense as per usual. You’re morons. On the bright side, congrats to Brees for throwing an absolute dime to Sanders. That was literally the best throw I have seen him make in 2 years.

That being said, this blueprint is all too familiar. That blueprint will cause them to exit the playoffs. Mark my words. Payton and Brees together are too arrogant to not let everything center around Brees.

Josh Allen – The Unexpected

When Josh Allen was taken 7th overall in 2018, the move was highly criticized. Right now, it is not even close who the best QB of that class is. That class includes the following…

  • Baker Mayfield
  • Sam Darnold
  • Josh Rosen
  • Lamar Jackson
  • Mason Rudolph

Sure, Jackson has an MVP after catching fire in year 2. We have seen how much he struggles to throw outside the hashes this year. He is still a great QB as long as he can run. The Ravens will always be in the playoff picture, but Lamar has to improve his arm if he wants to be considered a postseason threat. Something Josh Allen has done every single year since taking over as the starter for Buffalo.

If it wasn’t for the stupid seasons by Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes, it is a very real possibility that Josh Allen could be the MVP front runner. He is completing 10% more of his passes than 2019 and 16% more than his rookie year. He has 11 game winning drives in three years. He notched his first 4,000 yard 30 TD season. Additionally, he has 25 career rushing TDs thus far.

A big reason for the leap is the addition of receiver Stefon Diggs who is having his best season to date as well. He is a ton of to watch above all else because of his huge arm.

Derrick HEnry – The Monster AMong Men

He had yet another vicious poster worthy stiff arm this week and rumbled for another 147 on a great 2020 season. Back to back 1,500 yard seasons and rushing titles, it is awesome to see such a bruiser in today’s NFL. He reminds me so much of the football I grew up with in the early 2000s where feature backs dominated the league. I don’t know that he reaches 2,000 yards this year. But it could be close. He will need to average 160.5 to reach that mark. I do fully expect him to reach close to 1,900 making it the most since Adrian Peterson in 2012.

Sometimes Things Just Work OUT

If you saw it this week, some FOOTBAWWWW Team fans tried poo-pooing on me for my take on Chase Young. The beat writer that was tagged who they were egging on to invite me on to his pod so he could destroy me blocked me, thanks to some great trolling on my part. This same idiot who these guys were blowing sunshine to tweeted that Washington was the most dangerous team to play right now and how Dwayne Haskins is a damn good QB. Both of those statements unraveled this week. Naturally, I stoked the fire with the circle jerk of them.

No More Sacko For ME After Today

After winning fantasy last week thanks to Kareem Hunt, I was officially out of the Sacko Bowl. Now after today, I no longer hold the title of Sacko in the Dirty Dozen. It is fucking glorious.

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