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Wow, What an Eventful Day

I thought I would be writing about the NFL playoffs today, but boy, was I fucking wrong? What an insane day.

Last night, I stayed up until about 1:30 am watching Cobra Kai and checking my phone after each episode to follow the election results in my new home state of Georgia. When I went to bed, Raphael Warnock and John Ossoff were both anticipated to claim victory in the Senate run-offs for GA, flipping the seats to blue.

Unfortunately, I was not able to vote in this election due to the timing of my move. Even had I registered, there was still not enough time thanks to a complicated process of becoming a registered voter. Surprise surprise. I was thrilled to see the Democrats get control of the Senate. I will say that unapologetically and every day that ends in Y.

As I watched the results unfold just like I watched the results unfold in November, one person came to mind…Stacey Abrams. If you’re unfamiliar with the absolute trail blazer she is, allow me to give you the short version.

Back in 2018, Abrams lost the governorship in Georgia to Brian Kemp. She lost because of policies and unfair actions by her opponent to disenfranchise voters. Abrams didn’t go home and sulk in defeat. She didn’t try to overturn the results. She got even. Georgia is all blue in 2020. You can thank Stacey Abrams for that. I have seen plenty of Abrams support today. All I can think about is the fact she is so much more equipped to serve our country on a national level versus the local. The work she did to help create a path for victory in 2020 is remarkable. When people said today that Biden’s first order should be giving Abrams the Medal of Freedom…I agree tenfold.

Right now, she is America’s best kept secret. She is a trailblazer. Goddamn it, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Today was a good day…until it wasn’t.

Fox News was on in the background today at work. I laughed to myself as President Donald Trump struts out to “I am proud to be an American,” thinking it’s ironic given the fact this mother fucker wants so badly to disenfranchise people and overturn the election. You know what happens when people can vote? Republicans lose. Republicans by and large are comprised of old white men in a world that is becoming less of both. That is a good place to be because that means we become a more inclusive world.

For weeks, we have heard the sorest loser in America scream rigged just like he does in every L he takes. I watched his speech today. He made fun of Stacey Abrams talking about how she lost to the 135 lb. Brian Kemp. I am sure you will have some asshole say “oH YoU’Re TaKiNg iT OuT oF CoNtExT.” No. This is the asshole you support and that’s what he said. But Mr. President (and you don’t even deserve that decorum), she got the last laugh, ya dunce.

Later in the speech, he was rallying the crowd about fraud blah blah blah. He kept saying how they needed to take back the country and not be cheated. Because you know, not every vote should matter or anything.

Then chaos ensued and his supporters stormed the fucking Capitol. Guns were drawn. Damage was done. Pipe bombs were fucking found. Then I saw one of the most powerful images which I shared below…

This is real life when this looks like a goddamn scene from a movie, tv show or video game. I saw this and instantly thought it looked like a screenshot from Call of Duty.

If you can look at that image and begin your “what about” crap, I want you to close your eyes. Picture that image. Now replace those Trump flags with Nazi or Isis flags. If you’re still thinking that what happened is ok enough to resort to “what about x,” you’re a piece of shit. You’re also the same person who screams about patriotism when we know you’re more about nationalism.

One of the the common themes I am seeing today from the people bitching about the people bitching about what’s happening is…hypocrisy. His base is trying so hard to shift the narrative to Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. I have seen some people discuss them like the two are mutually exclusive, which of course is an easy sign that the person doesn’t have a clue. Those people’s heads whistle in a crosswind and they’re not worth the oxygen.

The biggest irony in all this is the common things I saw and heard from Trump’s supporters in 2016.


or my personal favorite…


It gets even better. Before I dive into Black Lives Matter, let’s talk about ANTIFA and violence on the left. The common theme is democrats don’t condemn violence on their own side. President Obama condemned the violence in Baltimore in 2015. Newly elected President Biden condemned ANTIFA. I beg you tell me a democrat who hasn’t condemned violence and I’ll bury you in that debate. I promise you some asshole right now is thinking…

wHaT AbOuT PeLoSi?

Yeah. Condemned ANTIFA in 2017, asshole. The same year Trump was screaming about kneeling being unpatriotic. Here we are 3 years later with his cult like mouth breathers storming the Capitol.

You’ll probably hear about the far left quite a bit. But you know what party has yet to have someone far left on the presidential ticket? Democrats. Sure, Trump’s base will scream how far left people like President Obama and Hilary Clinton are. Fuck, they tried to say the same of Joe Biden. He’s the most moderate candidate on the ticket since I started following politics in 2007-08. As for Obama and Clinton, they’re no more than left than Mitt Romney is right.

But these are the talking points people love to spew. If I had a dollar for every time I heard Biden is left puppet or he’s far left, I’d be rich.

You know who is far right though? Donald Trump. So far right that he talks about the left destroying America, yet he wants to undo one of our most basic human rights because he didn’t like the results. If you scream fraud, once again, I want you to know I make fun of you on a regular basis.

I am tired of pretending the mainstream right isn’t a far bigger problem than the mainstream left. It’s not equal. It’s not close. I am not here to pretend it is like I have done in the past. There are plenty of great Republicans out there. However, that is not who we are seeing in the mainstream anymore. The mainstream is nothing more than a bunch of RINOs. Sure there are far left people in government. I’d be ignorant not to acknowledge it. You know who haven’t seen get pushed through by the left, people like Bernie Sanders.

As for Black Lives Matter, the term white privilege has been thrown around today as expected. To clear the air here, just because you are a white male does not mean you’re handed everything. It does not mean you have it easy. It does not mean you are going to be successful in everything you do. It does suggest you have advantages that others don’t. Advantages where the gaps have gotten smaller over time, but nowhere near where they should be.

The day we can drop affirmative action programs is the day white privilege no longer exists. Of course we all want to live in peace and harmony, but utopias don’t exist. The idea is to get as close to equality as we can.

Divide will always be part of society. We are actively trying to unwind and undo centuries of hate, which trickles down generations. It was Donald Trump who stroked the hate to get elected. After four years of repeated rhetoric, it woke a sleeping giant that is BLM. Now we are seeing more support to the movement.

Quite frankly, for the people who scream so much about being proud Americans, they sure as shit don’t know the history of their country and what white privilege means.

You don’t find it the least bit ironic that the two demographics who make up 15% of the US population comprise 45% of the poverty? One was enslaved. The other slaughtered for the land.

Inner cities and ghettos are comprised predominantly of black people. Meanwhile, Native Americans were forced into reservations through policies created in the 1850s. Those two things are not a coincidence. It was by design.

Keeping the conversation with BLM, policies like redlining and blockbusting kept pushing folks behind the 8-ball. We are still very much segregated in this country as a result. Thanks to concepts like white flight, it is primarily black communities that deal with voter suppression, disproportionate convictions, lack of education, lack of healthcare and lack of fundamental resources to make a quality life for oneself. These are all commonalities for those with higher poverty.

History doesn’t undo itself overnight. When people say “it happened x amount of years, get over it.” Those people probably don’t scream the same thing about 9/11.

If you can’t see the reality of all this, well…

Argue with someone smarter than you, you probably lose. Argue with someone dumber than you, you always lose.

I’m always losing. Not quite as bad as Donald Trump though.


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