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James Harden on the Move…Nets Should Change Their Name to Charmin

News broke yesterday that the Brooklyn Nets acquired James Harden in a blockbuster deal among 4 teams…

Nets Receive: James Harden, CLE 2022 2nd Round
Rockets Receive: Victor Oladipo, Dante Exum, Rodions Kurucs, BRK 2022, 2024, 2026 Unprotected 1st Round Picks, Unprotected Swaps with BKN for 2021, 2023, 2025 and 2027, MIL 2022 1st Round Pick (Via CLE), IND future 2nd Round
Cavaliers: Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince
Pacers: Chris LeVert, Houston’s 2023 2nd Round

While I could be vanilla and break down the winners and losers of this deal like every other armchair GM, I will say the only thing that needs to be said. The only losers are the Big 3 in Brooklyn.

If you read this blog regularly, you may already know there are only two athletes I hate, literally fucking hate. As in would not piss on if they were on fire. That is of course the two bozos that are already in Brooklyn with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. When the two of them decided to team up in Brooklyn, I declared the Nets should change their name to Charmin…because those two are ultra soft. They got their third piece of the puzzle…

Actually, better yet. They have their three ply with James Harden’s fluff. It’s almost as if the Nets are attempting to create the most hateable starting five on the planet. I am not sold they will do a damn thing in the postseason.

In theory, you have 3 of the Top 20 players in the NBA so that means a championship on the horizon, right? Wrong. You have the two most mentally soft of the NBA stars in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Now, the Nets add the lazy and soft playing of James Harden. Given the talent and price to get Harden, this team needs a championship or it becomes a total bust.

Let’s start with Durant…

Long before he chose to join the Warriors to get his rings, this is the guy who would disappear for games during series. Sure, you will see his 26 points. But you are not looking at the whole story. The reality is there are games where those 26 come on 30 shots and his efficiency goes out the window. Know who else has those same problems, both of his teammates.

That being said, we have seen it unfold time and time again. Durant is tissue paper upstairs. The second the media starts barking, he will fold like a lawn chair. He goes out of his way to try and “humble” the media and aside from the Warriors, it ended the same way…losing. We are talking about a debutante who needed a burner account to clap back at trolls on Twitter.

Let’s talk about Harden…

Had it not been for the Warriors, Harden may have one or two titles and this noise maybe isn’t as loud. We can’t talk about the what ifs though when the what is becomes about his laziness. Both on and off the court.

Plain and simple, James Harden got fat. He looks like the fat guy playing in the rec. He plays like it too. He doesn’t give you shit on the defensive end. He takes bad shots on the offensive end. In the postseason, those things matter. 30 points doesn’t mean shit when you’re shooting 41% from the field and 30% from deep.

Now for the most deplorable of the bunch…

The former flat earther Kyrie Irving is an absolute bum. He left a good situation in Cleveland because he wanted to be THE guy and didn’t like LeBron calling him out. He gets to Boston and says he wants his jersey in the rafters only to start calling out his teammates a few short months later. He talked about how they’re not hungry enough basically. These are the same teammates who went to game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals the previous year though.

He called out those teammates during the playoffs while he played like shit and then had the audacity to say he should’ve shot more. He has never had postseason success without LeBron by his side.

That flip flop, pansy ass mentality he carries has never gone away. Add that to the amount of SWAC (shooter without a conscience) playstyle, I am sure he will help them collapse at some point.

I am just ready to watch the dumpster fire unfold.


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