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NFL Playoffs – Is this the Best Final Four QBs Ever?

Every year, one of my favorite events is the NFL playoffs. It’s easily my favorite postseason. There are matchups I want to see. There are certain players (namely QBs) that I would rather see move on. The way I feel about the postseason is the better the QBs, the better the games. In 2021, we are in for a damn treat with 4 of the top 6 QBs in the league.

Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Year one with a new franchise, no problem. He is back for another conference championship game. This makes the 14th time in his career to reach this round of the postseason. Year one in Bruce Arians’ system, Brady clearly is still one of the best in the league, bouncing back from sub standard season in 2019. He finally got some help and here we are. Automatic points when the GOAT reaches the Final Four.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Looking like the Aaron Rodgers of 2011-2016, the former MVP got back to his MVP ways and lit up 2020. Sunday will be Rodgers’ 5th NFC Championship appearance where hasn’t found the most success in terms of wins. To be honest, he hasn’t been great himself in those games. That being said, Aaron Rodgers being your QB is never a bad thing. The eventual MVP has a showdown with Brady. Another NFC matchup with a showdown between two Top 5-7 QBs ever. Unlike last round, both can still put up numbers.

Patrick Mahomes – Kansas City Chiefs

There was a time when Aaron Rodgers looked like the most talented QB to ever step foot on a field. From his pocket presence to his ability to extend plays to his big and accurate arm, then Patrick Mahomes entered the league. He is the second coming of Aaron Rodgers who has a real shot at potentially going down as the best ever if he can capitalize with the roster he has now. Only three seasons under his belt, here he is playing in his third conference championship.

JOSH Allen – Buffalo Bills

What a great story it will be if Josh Allen can finally capture a championship for the Bills, something the great Jim Kelly couldn’t do. Allen has continued to improve his game since day one. There isn’t a single QB in the league who has progressed in the same capacity as Allen has in the last three seasons. He and Stefon Diggs have proved to be a deadly duo in 2020. I thought it was crazy how much they gave up for Diggs, but it basically unlocked Allen’s potential along with Diggs’ potential. Good God, this offense can explode.

Potential Storylines for The Matchups

Brady v Allen

The intrigue with this matchup instantly resorts back to the AFC East. This is without a doubt Josh Allen and the Bills division now. This becomes a game of can the Bills get the best of Brady. Brady has a 32-3 record against the Bills including 1-0 in the postseason. If Brady wins, it becomes Brady continues to be a nightmare for the division. If Allen wins, it becomes almost a passing of the torch for the AFC East. Either way, I like those storylines.

Brady v Mahomes II

Brady beat Mahomes in the AFC Championship in 2018. If these two are the Super Bowl matchup, this becomes the obvious passing of the torch from one generation’s best to the next generation’s best. Even if the old head prevails, this still becomes an intriguing and iconic match up.

Rodgers v Allen

Of the four, this has the potential to be the most exciting matchup, but the storyline runs stale. That shouldn’t matter though.

Rodgers v Mahomes

The insurance bowl. That obviously becomes a funny storyline for this matchup. On top of that, these are easily the two best arm talents the league has ever seen.

Who Needs the SUper Bowl WIn Most?

Obviously any Super Bowl does wonders for a QB’s legacy. The sooner you start winning them, the better chance to be in the conversation of GOAT when it’s all said and done. After all, you’re chasing Brady.

Brady needs this the least. Of course if he loses, hE CaN’T Do iT WiThOuT BeLiChIcK will obviously be a very bad take by mouth breathers.

Allen can revitalize a franchise desperately needing a Super Bowl. For the sake of watching how Bills Mafia reacts, I am here for that shit. I still wouldn’t say he is most desperate for it.

Mahomes doesn’t necessarily “need” it because he is definitively the best QB in the NFL. That roster is still in tact for two more years. I don’t think he will be far away from the Super Bowl the next two years either. But, for the sake of chasing Brady, he needs one.

Rodgers is my pick here because he is sitting on one Super Bowl, which he won more than a decade ago. He has had some pretty miserable rosters from offensive line to run game to defenses and he still managed to bring them to the postseason more often than not. But, he has melted down in multiple conference championship games. The questions about his leadership have always been around. I remember laughing hysterically at morons saying Rodgers was done and no longer elite just two years ago. Rodgers’ worst years are better than 90% of the starting QB’s best years. He set that high bar being an absolute freak early on. It’s honestly a shame he doesn’t have more Super Bowls. He needs another one desperately.

Where do they rank among the best group of final four QBs in NFL history?

Honorable Mention(2004) Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick

5. (1974) Bob Griese, Ken Stabler, Fran Tarkenton, Roger Staubach

What a distinguished list. Although the gunslinging Griese was injured during the Dolphins undefeated season in 72, his record over the last five years was 46-11. Stabler was the league MVP. Tarkenton was beyond his time. Staubach was the most efficient passer in league history when he retired.

4. (1992) Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Troy Aikman, Steve Young

Jim Kelly was playing in his third Super Bowl in a row and ranked third in the league in passing. Marino was the prolific passer at the time. Aikman captured his first championship lighting up the postseason with 8 TDs and no INTs. This was Young’s first season as the 49ers full time starter. These also happened to be the league’s top 4 passers in yards.

3. (2014) Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers

Prime Brady. Prime Rodgers. Then you had Russell Wilson who was still playing with Beast Mode and the LOB. However, at the time, he didn’t need 35 throws to make you pay. He was throwing 24-26 passes per game and there were always the 3-4 “wow throws.” Meanwhile, Andrew Luck tossed 40 TDs that year in what was his coming out party as a true elite QB.

2. (2020) Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers

All the reasons above.

1. (1993) Jim Kelly, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, Steve Young

Replace Marino with the GOAT at the time and you couldn’t ask for a better group.


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