Unapologetically Me


If you believe that select Dr. Seuss books and a toy potato being rebranded are a result of cancel culture, bless your heart. Bless your heart for not seeing the irony in your mush minded cesspool of hollow thoughts on this subject.

Allow me to set the record straight.

No one actually called for a cancellation or rebrand of either of these two things. Turn off Fox News, Ted Cruz or whatever fawner you’re getting your daily dose of stupid from.

Dr. Seuss’ estate and Hasbro both made decisions on their own accord for what was best for business moving forward.

Hasbro decided that it was best to brand the toy potato (not to be confused with how I feel about your viewpoint) as simply “Potato Head.” I am genuinely curious if you have played with the toy. If you have, you know that this changes absolutely nothing about the play experience with the goddamn thing. It’s a fucking potato with accessories. If you bought Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, chances are you’ve mixed up the potatoes and their accessories anyway. That is ultimately why you can now create your own Potato Head family.

You may be thinking how silly it is for me to explain this and I would agree. Here we are though.

Now on to Dr. Seuss…Dr. Seuss’ estate voluntarily decided to stop producing six titles from the author because of racially insensitive content. After the news of the books no longer being published broke, sales surged for Dr. Seuss.

Amazon’s Top 10 selling books had 9 Dr. Seuss titles, none of which are the books in question. I saw multiple people across my social media who talked about buying Dr. Seuss books or bought books. In fact someone shared a screenshot of someone’s post who had bought some books with some government out to cancel type of message.


Here is the ultimate irony above all else. These decisions are a direct result of what FREE MARKET CAPITALISM looks like. The people most outraged are the same people who preach this shit and believe in this shit…until they don’t.

These are private companies doing what private companies do…make branding decisions to maximize their profits. Now Republicans want to hold hearings on cancel culture. So the party that wants to get government out of people’s lives and wants to limit the free market as little as possible also wants to…

*checks notes*

put government in people’s lives and limit the free market.


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