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HOLY SHIT, MJF! “I Was Too Busy Building My Own.”

Goddamnit I love professional wrestling. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it every single time I feel this way. At it’s peak, nothing excites me more than the world of wrestling. Since AEW came into the fold, I have been a mark like no other.

This past Sunday, AEW Revolution did not disappoint, as per usual.

One of the biggest storylines heading into the pay-per-view was MJF and Chris Jericho. This twisted faux friendship has been brewing since the first two months of Dynamite aired back in late 2019…

From the first time these two got in the ring together and cut a promo, it became the best storyline in AEW, period.

On one hand, you have Jericho who needs no introduction. He is the GOAT for many people such as myself. On the other, you have Maxwell Jacob Friedman who is the crowned prince of heel. He could potentially go on to be the best heel of all time. He’s already so unbelievably good at the young age of 24.

The second those two cut that fantastic and hilarious promo, I knew I wanted them to have a massive storyline together. They are both hilarious in their own way. Jericho has a way to put anything and anyone over because he is that damn good. Just look up the absurd amount of promos and catchphrases he has crafted over the years. Then MJF who is one of the best in ring workers as a heel and never breaks kayfabe. This is the type of shit we got as a result of these two joining forces…


And this…

And this…

And of course this…

I could honestly go on with more and more funny moments. For the sake of time, I’ll stop here.

After sporadically teasing the idea of Jericho and MJF teaming up, MJF eventually joined the Inner Circle. As expected, animosity ensued among the members leading to Sammy Guevara, one half of Le Sex Gods, quitting (sad face). MJF and Chris Jericho began winning as a tag team becoming the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles. They lost to the Young Bucks at Revolution on Sunday with Jericho taking the pin.

That set up the obvious angle of Jericho being the wink leak in the Inner Circle.

On Wednesday night, we saw the fallout of the relationship of MJF and Chris Jericho. It did not disappoint.

I can only think of one moment in wrestling within the last 10 years that even compares to what happened that night. That being said, I believe this was better. Much better.

That was the breakup of The Shield in WWE. Seth Rollins’ heel turn will forever be my favorite because of the element of surprise. The Shield had been teasing a break up for so long. All signs pointed to then Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley). Then Triple H came out declaring there is always a plan B. Plan B was Seth Rollins who drove a chair into the back of Roman Reigns for the shock and awe. You could literally hear a fan in the crowd scream NOOOOOOO! It was arguably the best heel turn in wrestling history.

Prior to the Inner Circle (Jericho, MJF, Santana, Ortiz and Hager) heading to the ring, we knew there was going to be a turn. Would it be on MJF or would it be on Jericho? It was both.

Before anyone could start planting the seeds of doubt, Sammy Guevara interrupts and shows a video of MJF conspiring to take Jericho out as Santana, Ortiz and Hager appear to go along with it. They corner Jericho and Sammy only for Jericho to give a nod as everyone turns to MJF.


I never wanted to see a Jericholess Inner Circle. Ever!

Jericho insults him and assures him an old school inner circle beatdown is coming. MJF wallows in the corner crying only to turn from tears to sinister intensity and says he never wanted to take over the Inner Circle…

Because he was too busy building his own. (Lights shut off)


At this point, I was literally screaming silently to myself trying not to wake everyone in the house. The lights come on to reveal who his faction is. The first one I see is Tully Blanchard and Wardlow. Then I saw the rest of Blanchard’s guys…FTR and Shawn Spears. My excitement went from 100 to 250.



Lastly, I fucking love MJF.

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