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1 Year of Covid Shutdowns: Keeping my distance from troglodytes

It is hard to sit back and really think about Covid19 and where we are after one year since the shut downs started happening. I remember hearing how life would change as we knew it. I started soft quarantining late January / early February. By March, it was full blown quarantine for my family and I. At the time, I had many concerns.

I had concerns about our health because of potential unknown impacts on my young child, pregnant wife and unborn child. At the time, there was not much known about the potential impact. Bringing a new baby into the world while keeping the others safe was priority number one. Luckily, we made out ok.

I was concerned of how it would impact my little dude staying home and not having his sense of normalcy. When you strip away routine from a toddler, that is a daunting task. We experienced some behavioral issues and frustrations as a result. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard for a while. All I wanted was my sweet happy go lucky boy back. Eventually, we made it through. That was probably the toughest parts of the pandemic for us.

I was concerned about my parents and my loved ones who were in the higher age brackets. We know the potential impact on older folks and those with conditions. Without going into detail, one of my loved ones has one. That of course was a concern. I won’t say everything was fine. The day after my daughter was born scared the shit out me. Kind of hard to run out on a newborn and new mama, but there was an emergency. Luckily, that also turned out to be ok.

I was concerned about my business, a digital marketing company that was just finding it’s stride. Welp, that died. I am just glad that the clients we had were able to stay afloat even though it meant cutting ties with us.

I was concerned about myself. I have always been pretty social. Working from home, I enjoyed getting lunch with friends during the week. I enjoyed seeing my friends and family on the weekends. I just genuinely enjoy the company of those close to me. I didn’t see any of my friends or family (minus wife and kids) for about 4-5 months. That was tough for me. I didn’t go very long without seeing my closest friends and family. I also have serious FOMO. When my friends would plan something, it was tough for me to sit back and miss it.

Here I am a year later and considering myself lucky. I still have all of the people I care about in my life. I know there are many out there who have lost loved ones. My heart aches for those people.

Now, we have some light at the end of the tunnel for some sense of normalcy. As I anxiously await my turn to get vaccinated, I am looking forward to having some parts of our lives back. It has been quite the year that caught many of us surprise. To everyone who did their part for social responsibility, thank you. To everyone who worked hard at keeping people safe, thank you.

To those who took part in all of the reasons not to, fuck you.

As screwed up as it is, my biggest take away from this pandemic is how unbelievably stupid people can be. There was a point in time where I would go back and forth on the cesspool that is social media with intent of open dialogue only to realize, some people are just too willfully ignorant to have the conversation. There were many arrogantly ignorant people who I went all in to troll. I did this to the point of multiple people threatening to kick my ass and want to meet up. It was good times. It really was. By June or July, I got tired of having the same conversations with people who had trouble breathing from their nose.

From people sharing conspiracies to sharing videos of doctors who clearly were engaging in disinformation to MAGA (yeah I’m 100% calling you out), wow. What a fucking year.

Many of them fall into the camp of the asinine list of things I heard during the pandemic listed below. I figured why not have some more fun here and have fun at their expense again…

aLL DeAtHs DiSaPpEaReD

I heard on more than one occasion it was ironic that the only deaths happening in the world were Covid. No, they weren’t. If you believe that or ever said that, I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that you’re an idiot. I would say you have the ability to think on the level of a 1st grader, but that would be insulting to all the children out there. So, I think potato is probably the most accurate comparison.

2019 Leading Causes of Death According to Organization You Don’t Trust (CDC)

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Unintentional Injuries
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Flu / Pneumonia (just keeping up with the people who should read this, the p is silent)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Suicide

2020 Estimated Leading Causes of Death According to The Liars

  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer
  • Covid19

Yeah. That’s right Covid ranks third. Guess What? It did back in June too. That was when the provisional Covid deaths were around 230,000 less than the 300,000+ it’s currently at for 2020.

Now, we won’t have an exact number for a few years because of the lag time in the CDCs data. That thing you probably forgot to read when you started sharing more cOnSpIrAcIeS shared by the CDC. IT’S ALL RIGHT THERE!

WhErE DiD tHe fLu Go

While we don’t know the exact numbers, you are right. The flu was down in 2020. There was also a thing called Covid that caused many people (smart ones at least) to wash their hands, wear masks, be socially distant and keep their hands off their face and shit. WOW, these are also precautions used for…

You guessed it! THE FLU!

AND WAIT…THERE’S MORE! (Billy Mays voice)

You know those vaccines you hate? Yeahhhh, more of those got administered this year too. Probably had something to do with that too.

It’S JuSt ThE fLu

Yeah, you’re right. It is just the flu. The flu has been around for over a century and Covid just started. Things like incubation period, symptoms, long term effects and hospitalizations are all completely identical.

Ask any of these people those things and they have no response. I know from experience. Nothing but goal post moving and more bullshit.

tHe CeLl PhOnE ToWeRs

Bill Gates created this shit because of his talk about the world not being ready for the next deadly illness. He was right. Just imagine if this fucking thing was more deadly. This caused an idiotic conspiracy about this damn virus being spread through cell phone towers.

mY FrEeDoM iS bEiNg AtTaCkEd

Why? Because you’re asked to where as mask to protect people kind of like you’re required by law to wear seatbelts…not drink and drive…not kill people. Yeah, freedom though!

_______ sTaYeD OpEn aNd WaS ToTaLlY FiNe

Sweden was the poster child for this. I will re-share what I wrote in May…

Sweden has a smaller population and a less dense population than the US. The ironic part about comparing is the people who love to point to Sweden are the same people who would likely rail on me if I decided to bring up social welfare programs they have to help their citizens. I always find that funny.

Let’s talk about the death count. They currently have one of the worst rates at nearly 7% of confirmed cases ending in death. They have been getting lambasted for that. Because of Sweden’s response to the virus, Denmark, Norway and Finland refuse to lift the travel ban on them.

The only right in that statement is they did remain open by in large and cases are going down. But not after the damage was done. Their hospitals were suffering from heavy overcrowding much like here in the United States. Although Sweden didn’t enforce any hard restrictions, they limited gatherings to 50 people and they implemented table only service in bars and restaurants.

There is another fundamental problem the people who talk about Sweden are missing ironically. They trust their government.

Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency released a survey in mid to late July that suggested 87% of the population are continuing to follow social distancing recommendations to the same extent as they were one or two weeks earlier, up from 82% in an earlier survey.

As far as the economy, Sweden did spend more economically than their Nordic neighbors. The Swedish economy is still projected to shrink by 5% this year, similar to the rest of their Scandinavian neighbors. They also have the highest unemployment rate of their neighbors at 9%. Why? Because people aren’t being stupid and acting as if nothing is going on.

As it stands now, Sweden has 13,272 deaths with 744,000+ cases for a death rate of 1.7%. Ironically enough, similar to the US.

CoVid HaS BeEn ArOuNd

Remember when people were sharing shit about Covid being a thing forever because it is said coronavirus on the back of Lysol containers? Good fucking times. It may be a fact that life may demand Lysol. It is also fact that your brain likely needs more oxygen.

Anti Vaxxers

LOL. II once had a rusty nail go through my knee playing football. Know why I didn’t die? Vaccinations and shit.

I am not spending any more time on this.

fRiEnD oF a fRiEnD

Remember when people were sharing all these friend of a friend of a friend stories of people who died and medical professionals purposefully lied about the death. Someone would die of a heart attack, but it was covid. Yet, no one could provide the proof on it.

I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate…what does that make us?

Absolutely irrelevant to the conversation.

NaZi GeRmAnY

Well everyone, the US is turning into Nazi Germany for mask mandates because they are infringing on our freedom and this is how it starts before the takeover.

tHiS WiLl EnD NoVeMbEr

Yeah a global pandemic will end when a new president is elected for the US. Here we are.

Also allow me to say, get bent MAGA.

What did I learn this year?

Keep my distance from certain people. Not because of Covid though. I’d rather not sacrifice my brain cells.


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