The second bracket will be video games. Here are the regions of the second Hotard Huddle March Madness Topic…

  • Region 1: Titles

The titles region will consist of any video game title. It can be a series or solo game. If you see series in here, just apply your favorites of the series for your voting. For example, Call of Duty is obviously one of the most popular games around. However, the series has put out some serious shit shows after MW3.

  • Region 2: Characters

Video Game characters will consist of anyone from heroes to villains to anti heroes. No one is off limits. It will just include some of the best characters around.

  • Region 3: Weapons

Boomstick or Bust. This bracket will consist of all the best weapons video games have given us over the years. Weapons like the Golden Gun were not to be fucked with.

  • Region 4: Stories

There may be some crossover in this bracket. This will include some of the best stories in video game history. The story bracket can include multiple games that tell one story.

Let’s begin the selection process. The seeding has yet to be determined. I am just going to spitball the selections for each bracket.

Region 1: Titles

Reason for Selections:

  1. Super Mario – Real simple, it may not have been the founding father of video games. But it has continued to carry over as the face of Nintendo for generations with so many great titles along the way.
  2. Grand Theft Auto – The first one I ever played was 2 when it was the overhead shot, kind of arcade style. Then the preview for GTA III came out and boom, open world concept gets blown wide open.
  3. Mario Kart – Two words…Beerio Kart. It may be my favorite drinking game on the planet.
  4. Legend of Zelda – Admittedly, I have never beaten a single game in the series. I played the one for 64 when I was at friend’s houses. I never became super engulfed by it. But, I understand when homage needs to be paid.
  5. Goldeneye – It was the revolution for first person shooters and still widely heralded as one of the best shooters of all time.
  6. Mortal Kombat – I used to play the fuck out of this on Super Nintendo. It was one of five games that I owned for the system. It was so popular and became a cult-like world that movies were made based on the game.
  7. NCAA Football – The thirst is real for the return because of how amazing this series continued to be. My personal favorite of the series is 2011.
  9. Call of Duty – The last two titles have been solid. Nothing compares to the 5 year run from Modern Warfare to Modern Warfare 3 with World at War, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops coming between. MW2 was another major reason for 1.2 first semester in college.
  10. Super Smash Brothers – Personally, I am terrible at the game. I still enjoy the hell out of it though. Team Kirby and Pikachu with down B ALL DAY LONG. I used to spend hours playing Brawl with a few friends in high school. Knowing I would lose, I use to just troll everyone else causing them the same pain I felt.
  11. Mario Party – If I was ranking this solely based on my preference, this would be number one. Mario Party 2 may be my favorite multiplayer game of all time.
  12. NFL Madden – 04-08 was a great run. Insert fart noise for recent titles.
  13. NBA 2K – Similar to Madden, I enjoyed the run from 2k8-2k13. Short well crafted run then became bland. My player has become Grand Theft Auto with all the open world horse shit.
  14. Guitar Hero – Another game I suck at, but still enjoyed playing.
  15. WWF No Mercy – GOAT shit for wrestling titles.
  16. Wii Sports – I remember getting the Wii for Christmas one year. I stayed up until 5am playing Wii Sports.

Region 2: Characters

Reasons for Selections:

  1. Mario – See above statement.
  2. Trevor Phillips – Perhaps the craziest fucking VG character ever created. GTA V would not be the same game without the meth taking, foul mouthed, violent, psychotic piece of shit that is Trevor Phillips.
  3. Kratos – God of War, another series I honestly haven’t touched. But I know who the fuck Kratos is. Perhaps one of the most recognizable on appearance alone.
  4. Master Chief – The star of Halo gets a nod for the simple fact that Halo was and is one of the biggest exclusive titles which helped Xbox soar in popularity.
  5. Lara Craft – For Christ sake, the movie Grandma’s Boy features the main character jerking it in the bathroom to the bad ass that is Lara Croft.
  6. Samus Aran – Speaking of female bad asses…
  7. John Marston – There is no way the bad ass gunslinger doesn’t get the nod for the bracket here. Unless there was a video game made about Doc Holliday that I don’t know about, he’s the biggest VG badass of the wild west.
  8. Link – He’s so badass that no dialogue is needed for the character.
  9. Nathan Drake – Similar to Master Chief, Drake heads one of Playstation’s most recognizable exclusives.
  10. Yoshi – Next to Barney, it’s everyone’s favorite dinosaur.
  11. Donkey Kong – DONKEY KONG SUCKS! YOU KNOW SOMETHING? YOU SUCK! If you don’t understand the reference, kindly get the fuck out.
  12. Luigi – Personally, Mario used to piss me off. I always preferred the man in green.
  13. Sonic – You can probably hear all the sounds of the game just by reading the blue hedgehog’s name.
  14. Ezio – THE GOAT of AC.
  15. Geralt of Rivia – Haven’t played The Witcher, but he’s apparently popular so here he is.
  16. Cloud Strife – Never got into Final Fantasy, but I used to watch a childhood friend play it for hours on end.

Region 3: Weapons

Reasons for Selections:

  1. Master Sword – it is the weapon Link used to defeat every powerful being.
  2. Golden Gun – The original One shot, one kill.
  3. Pablo Sanchez – No, he’s not a character. He’s a weapon on the diamond. My blog so I do what I want.
  4. Blue Shell – This literally can end friendships.
  5. Keyblade – Never played Kingdom Hearts either, but I hear it’s pretty powerful.
  6. Home Run Bat – Was there anything more satisfying than this in Super Smash Brothers?
  7. Energy Sword – Halo’s single greatest weapon.
  8. Scorpion’s Spear – I don’t know if the spear is that effective or if it is so popular because of Scorpion screaming GET OVER HERE when you shoot it.
  9. Hidden Blade – Nothing more satisfying than stabbing a templar in the throat unexpectedly. I shit my pants when the double blade came.
  10. The Mega Buster – The sole reason why Mega Man was not to be fucked with.
  11. Blades of Chaos – The name alone gets them a nod. Nevermind how they look or are used.
  12. Gravity Gun – Imagine being able to move large objects in real life…game changer.
  13. Buster Sword – Final Fantasy’s greatest weapon? Shrugs
  14. Noob Tube – “wHaT A fUcKiNg NoOb TuBeR!! RAWWWWWR! STOP PLAYING LIKE A BITCH! Me: You mad you dying?
  15. Hammer – Aside from his giant fists, don’t stand in the way of DK’s hammer. No one can ever unhear that glorious song that goes with it.
  16. BFG-9000 – It’s a fucking weapon of mass destruction in a gun.

Region 4: Stories

Reasons for Selections:

  1. The Last of Us – Favorite story based game ever by a mile.
  2. Heavy Rain – The controls are odd. It makes up for it in graphics, gameplay and story telling. I love the that the direction is impacted by your decisions.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2: I suck at finishing story based games, this fits that category. There is a reason this game is undeniably popular.
  4. LA Noire – This game is a hidden gem. I love the intricacy of solving LA’s biggest crimes through clue finding and interrogation.
  5. AC (Ezio Trilogy) – While Black Flag is probably my favorite in terms of gameplay, the Ezio story from watching his family get executed to enacted revenge on those who did it is second to none.
  6. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy – I have always enjoyed the campaigns for COD and made a point to finish them all. The MW had some of the best characters and storylines.
  7. Mass Effect – Never played it, but based on some quick research and word of mouth from someone, I missed out.
  8. Uncharted – I made it midway through the second one before quitting. Again, I suck at finishing these. They made 4 for a reason.
  9. God of War – See above.
  10. Final Fantasy IX – Once again, a title I never played. But this one seemed to be in every top 10 list I read.
  11. Metal Gear Solid 3 – See reasoning for 10.
  12. Def Jam Fight for NY – This PS2 classic sells for $100 these days. The story on this is absolutely glorious. Gang wars with hip hop artists led D Mob and Snoop Dogg. Defeating Fat Joe in the cage was no fucking joke either.
  13. Batman Arkham Asylum – Shit goes crazy with The Joker taking you through his fucking fun house basically. I need to run this one back soon.
  14. The Witcher 3 – see above.
  15. Mafia III – Being set in New Orleans is pretty dope considering LA, NY and Miami are the popular open worlds. Classic case of robberies gone wrong. Lincoln Clay is also one bad ass dude.
  16. Half Life 2 – This was in the top 5 of every list I found.

VOTING For the Brackets

Simple. Pick Your Top 4 From Each Region. Same concept as for the last bracket.

My Picks:

Region 1:
1. Mario Party
3. Grand Theft Auto
4. Call of Duty

Region 2:
1. Trevor Phillips
2. Donkey Kong
3. Ezio
4. Yoshi

Region 3:
1. Blue Shell
2. Noob Tube
3. Pablo Sanchez
4. Home Run Bat

Region 4:
1. The Last of Us
2. LA Noire
3. Def Jam Fight for NY
4. Batman Arkham Asylum

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