Halfway through the bracket here and here is what we are looking like for the second HH bracket….

Region 1: Titles

Thoughts on the voting:

  • It feels like a major upset that NCAA overtook Grand Theft Auto. The voting tally was close between the titles. It was the much anticipated returning title getting the rub.
  • Goldeneye losing to Legend of Zelda (while respectable) is a bit of a surprise. It one of the most revolution shooters ever made. That being said, I always thought it never stood the test of time. I can’t stand playing it now. Although, it would’ve been cool to see COD v Goldeneye. Missed opportunity there.
  • I am happy to see we have at least one Mario title representing the Sweet 16.

Region 2: Characters

Thoughts on the voting:

  • I am not too surprised by the results in this bracket. Mario is the godfather of video games. Yoshi is one of the most beloved characters in video game history. Master Chief was the face of the original Xbox. Kratos is easily one of the most recognizable characters.

Region 3: Weapons

Thoughts on the voting:

  • Overall, most of the weapons got spread evenly with votes.
  • Master Sword v Blue Shell in the battle for Nintendo supremacy of best weapon. I love it. I hope to see the Blue Shell which not only ended first place finishes, but also friendships go over in this one.
  • Even better matchup in the bottom half. I underestimated the love for the noob tube. Maybe I wasn’t the only one. The most powerful weapon in VG history versus the biggest bitch weapon. I am fucking here for it.

Region 4: Stories

Thoughts on the voting:

  • The Last of Us and God of War received the most votes in the bracket. I wish I would have put God of War in the bottom part now.
  • I am happy to see LA Noire made it this far. That game is an absolute masterpiece. Unfortunately, I think the run ends.
  • I was surprised at the love for the MW Trilogy given most people don’t play the campaign I find. Edging out Red Dead…Ooooof.


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