After getting absolutely obliterated by Sam Houston, Tim Rebowe and Nicholls had a monumental response this week as they took on undefeated #13 Incarnate Word.

The word is…

Nicholls hung 55 in the first half en route to a coasting victory of 75-45. When I first saw the score, I thought I was looking at a basketball game until I realized that season ended. This is what Tim Rebowe’s squads often do. It seems there is one Southland Conference game every year that Nicholls puts up a head scratching performance. You often wonder what the hell happened to the team I was watching before.

More often than not, they respond in a big way. Then you think “ok, there they are.”

While I am usually on here talking about Tim Rebowe, there is someone else I want to key in on today. Don’t worry though, I’ll throw in a few more Tim Rebowe facts at the end. I would never leave my Colonel readers hanging like that.

Today is about first year starter and quarterback Lindsey Scott. I alluded to him and how great he is in the last column. If there is anyone who fits the mold of a “Tim Rebowe guy,” it is agent fucking zero, Lindsey Scott Jr. I don’t know if that his nickname and I don’t give a shit. That’s what I am calling him. Based on his passing numbers thus far, he is certainly a marksman tossing the rock.

The reason I said he is a Tim Rebowe guy is because Tim Rebowe takes the coal of other people and squeezes that coal into a diamond. He doesn’t need to recruit out of state because he knows Louisiana breeds football.

Scott was a legendary high school football player with a respectable list of awards, including a state title for Zachary in Baton Rouge. His high school career earned him a spot on LSU’s roster. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really looked into the details of how or why he left LSU, nor do I care. One thing I do know is LSU sucks at producing quarterbacks in recent years minus Joe Burrow. They certainly missed on this one because he is fucking special, period.

After LSU, he attended East Mississippi Community College where he once again poo-poo’d on the competition leading his team to a National Title.

He then transferred to Missouri where he was a member of the scout team before transferring to Nicholls. To say his career has been a roller coaster is an understatement, but I am glad to see him rocking that Colonel uniform on Saturdays.

In his first season as a starter, he has been nothing short of spectacular just like he has been for every other team that he started for. Against UIW, he put on another clinic throwing for 264 yards and 5 TDs while adding 81 on the ground with a rushing score. It was his 2nd six touchdown performance this season.

In five games, Scott is on a tear with completing 64.5% of his passes for 1,134 yards 14 TDs and only 2 INTs. Meanwhile, he has added 330 yards on the ground finding paydirt five times. No disrespect to Chase Fourcade who is undoubtedly the GOAT in terms of QB in Nicholls football history, Scott would likely blow all of his single season numbers out of the water if this was a full schedule.

Remember the old NCAA Football games when FCS schools were actually apart of it, Scott is like putting a 99 superstar on one of those squads. Just watch him do work.

After hanging 75 on Incarnate Word, Nicholls travels to Lake Charles to take on the 1-3 McNeese State Cowboys this Saturday, who were obliterated by…

Incarnate Word.

Heading into the matchup, Tim Rebowe is 2-3 against the Cowboys. Time to even the score. Last year, Nicholls took down McNeese 34-20. Hopefully this year will be an even larger margin with Scott and the offense putting up another 50 burger.

More Tim Rebowe Facts

  • Tom Clancy has to pay royalties to Tim Rebowe because “The Sum of All Fears” is the name of Chuck Norris’ autobiography.
  • The original draft of The Lord of the Rings featured Tim Rebowe instead of Frodo Baggins. It was only 5 pages long, as Tim punched Sauron’s ass halfway through the first chapter.
  • The Bible was originally titled “Tim Rebowe and Friends”
  • 70% of a human’s weight is water. 70% of Tim Rebowe’s weight is his dick.
  • Knock knock, who’s there? Tim Rebowe. Tim Rebowe who? Sorry, joke is over when Tim Rebowe gets involved.

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