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Hotard Huddle March Madness Video Games: Final Four (WINNER REVEALED)

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Here we are. Another March in the books and two March Madness completed. The race to finding out the best of the best in the video game world was down to the wire. All 9 of my fans voted and they have spoken. Here is a quick reminder of the Elite 8 matchups and those results.

  • Region 1 (Titles): Call of Duty v NCAA Football
  • Region 2 (Characters): Mario v Yoshi
  • Region 3 (Weapons): Blue Shell v Golden Gun
  • Region 4 (Stories): The Last of Us v Modern Warfare

I will say that the only matchup in the Elite 8 that was remotely close was the matchup between the Blue Shell and Golden Gun. It was a dead tie in points heading in to the Elite 8. The matchup was separated by just two points.

The Final Four and Winner of Each Region

  • Title Winner – Call of Duty

When Call of Duty is good, it is hard to find a better game to play. When it is bad, it’s miserable. I’ll take the good with the bad. There is no denying the popularity of it, especially among the age range of people who voted. Although I knew it didn’t stand a chance, Mario Party was my favorite of the region. Objectively, I was hoping to see Grand Theft Auto represent the Titles. Given the number of great game under the name of COD over the last 10-15 years, it is hard to deny Call of Duty.

  • Character Winner – Mario

The godfather of video games, plain and simple. You can try to make an argument against him, but it likely won’t be a very good one.

  • Weapon Winner – Blue Shell

I got my winner in this one. I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out. I was happy to see the Golden Gun and Blue Shell showdown. I am a little surprised that so many voted for the Blue Shell. I guess people have their experiences of torment with the damn thing. Nothing worse than dominating a race only to have your friend shoot a blue shell causing you to fall from glory.

  • Story Winner – The Last of Us

I have played and beaten this one 4 maybe 5 times because it is that damn good. So many story based games have embraced the open world concept and I hate it. I love that The Last of Us gave you an open world sense in each part of the story. On top of the that, it was like playing through a movie and a damn good one. I think it is second to none in terms of actual story.


The godfather of video games versus the best story based game ever made. I will gladly take that as a final matchup. It was close, super close. In fact, I had to break the tie with both scoring 90 points. The tie breaker was determined by the number of top rank votes. The Last of Us blew Mario out of the water in that category. Here were the final scores of all the teams that made the Elite 8…

  • The Last of Us – 90 points (10 Top Rank Votes)
  • Mario – 90 points (6 Top Rank Votes)
  • Call of Duty – 84 points
  • Blue Shell – 81 points
  • Golden Gun – 79 points
  • Yoshi – 66 points
  • NCAA – 62 points
  • Modern Warfare – 56 points

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