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Month: May 2021

  • NBA Playoff Predictions

    NBA Playoff Predictions

    I am more on top of putting out my playoff predictions usually. I am in the middle of a job change and traveling. Sue me. Anyway, I am currently sitting in my hotel room, Miller Lite on deck and watching the Grizz v Jazz. God, it feels so good to have playoff basketball back on…

  • Don’t Burn Bridges, Michael

    Don’t Burn Bridges, Michael

    I don’t understand the concept behind giving a 2 week notice in some situations. Yet, it is supposedly the right thing to do. Since this was originally a sports blog, it’s similar to college sports. A coach can leave on a whim and the players are left with the short end of the stick. If…

  • 10 Biggest National Treasures (Real or Fictional)

    10 Biggest National Treasures (Real or Fictional)

    Much like the term GOAT, National Treasure has now become loosely defined and probably overused at this point. Who cares though? It’s a great compliment to be called GOAT or National Treasure. The actual definition states that a national treasure is an artifact, institution, or public figure regarded as being emblematic of a nation’s cultural…