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NBA Playoff Predictions

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I am more on top of putting out my playoff predictions usually. I am in the middle of a job change and traveling. Sue me. Anyway, I am currently sitting in my hotel room, Miller Lite on deck and watching the Grizz v Jazz. God, it feels so good to have playoff basketball back on the tube.

This isn’t complicated or rocket surgery (yes, surgery). This is the full playoff prediction for this season. The NBA playoffs are one of my favorite times per year and I actually love the added play in despite that the Warriors and Steph Curry lost. Say what you want, but Steph Curry is great for basketball. It sucks not having chef in the first round.

So here we go…

This is the full playoff prediction including NBA Finals winner. Of course, as the playoffs go on, I will update accordingly. I do like putting my picks on the table from the start so we can either say how great I am or laugh how fucking off I am.

Round 1 Picks

Eastern Conference

(1) Philadelphia 76ers v (8) Washington Wizards
Pick: 76ers in 5

Cue the Russell Westbrook do it all conundrum that wins regular season games but loses series. The 76ers defense is one of the best defenses in the league therefore Russ probably has an inefficient series.

(4) New York Knicks v (5) Atlanta Hawks
Pick: Hawks in 6

Hats off to the Knicks for finally having a solid season. Grit and defense landed them the 4 seed in the postseason. This is a fairly even series. I am going with the Hawks for one reason, offensive firepower. Pacing will be a huge aspect talked about in this one. I just don’t know that the Knicks can match the Hawks in that regard.

(3) Milwaukee Bucks v (6) Miami Heat
Pick: Bucks in 6

The rematch! Jrue Holiday has been a huge asset for the Bucks this season, no doubt about it. I think this ends up being a revenge series for the Bucks. For the record, I want Giannis to get a championship so bad.

(2) Brooklyn Nets v (7) Boston Celtics
Pick: Nets in 6

The Celtics could give the Nets a run, but they need to be healthy to do that. The Celtics still have plenty of talent to give the Nets fits at times, but the offenses prowess is just too much.

Western Conference

(1) Utah Jazz v (8) Memphis Grizzlies
Pick: Jazz in 4

As exciting as Ja Morant is, the Grizz are just outgunned and outmanned in this one. I write this as the Grizz lead at half time in Game 1.

(4) Los Angeles Clippers v (5) Dallas Mavericks
Pick: Clippers in 6

Take away Luka Doncic as much as a possible and your odds go up. The Clippers have defenders to do that. That’s not a slight at Doncic by any stretch. The Mavs need more help outside of Luka if they want to best teams like the Clippers in a 7 game series.

(3) Denver Nuggets v (6) Portland Trailblazers
Pick: Blazers in 7

This one is tough to call with Jamal Murray sidelined. Ultimately, I think this series is close either way. Given the Nuggets injuries, I will take the Blazers being a little too much for them to handle. As someone who loves Dame, I ain’t mad about it.

(2) Phoenix Suns v (7) Los Angeles Lakers
Pick: Lakers in 6

While the Suns have more depth, I am not picking against LeBron this earlier, period. Although they dropped game 1 which likely will lead to some panicking, get fucked. This happens so often at this point.

Conference Semis

Eastern Conference

(1) Philadelphia 76ers v (5) Atlanta Hawks
Pick: 76ers in 5

More easy work for the 76ers and their defense in round 2. That defense and efficiency would just be too overwhelming for the Hawks.

(3) Milwaukee Bucks v (2) Brooklyn Nets
Picks: Bucks in 7

You know what? Fuck the Nets. Kyrie and Kevin can both drown. This is my story and I am sticking to it. The Nets have 3 guys who disappear in series when defenses start swarming. I think the Bucks may be the team to do that. Efficiency rules all. Please for all that is holy, let them melt down and fade away. Maybe my emotions are getting the best of me here, I don’t care.

Western Conference

(1) Utah Jazz v (4) Los Angeles Clippers
Pick: Clippers in 7

The Clippers overwhelm the Jazz in round 2 edging them out in 7. The Clippers are great at pulling bigs away from the rim thus making Rudy Gobert less effective.

(6) Portland Trailblazers v (7) Los Angeles Lakers
Pick: Lakers in 5

Remember the series last year? Yeah…that.

Conference Finals

(1) Philadelphia 76ers v (3) Milwaukee Bucks
Pick: Bucks in 7

Embiid meet Giannis for a battle of the paint. I’ll take the Greek Freak. If these two meet in the conference finals, it should be a great series no matter what.

(4) Los Angeles Clippers v (7) Los Angeles Lakers
Lakers in 6

Insert Clippers disappointment.

NBA Finals

(3) Milwaukee Bucks v (7) Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron. Bye.

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