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Invest in People Who Invest In You

I have neglected writing for the last month, with only 8 posts to show for it. Normally, I would be beating myself up for that. I often feel like if I am not writing, I am not productive. This blog is part of who I am after 6 years.

For those who continue to read or are just jumping on, I thank you for being part of my own little world condensed down to Hotard Huddle. The reason I haven’t been writing is because I have been training and working many hours for my new job, which has been nothing short of amazing so far. So I have put the blog on the back burner a little bit to accommodate and get up to speed. I haven’t recorded a podcast in over a month. So now that I am getting settled, I feel like I have some time to write again.

I haven’t even watched much of the NBA playoffs considering I have missed only a handful of games the last several years.

As per usual, I will not name drop the company nor anyone who works in said company because I do my best to separate my professional life from my blog life.

To say I have a golden opportunity is an understatement. Part of my belief in business is investing in the people who invest in you. I have been blessed to have that in every job I stayed at long term. One was four years. Another was two years. Now, I anticipate even longer with this one due to the stability and growth potential.

I am happiest when working for people who truly want you to succeed beyond the selfishness of their own personal gain. It is not something you typically see with corporations, which is likely why I have thrived in the small business sector. I knew after a verbal handshake on my job offer that this position was going to be one I enjoyed. So far, it’s been challenging and rewarding. Empowered is probably the best way to describe how I am feeling right now because of their investment in me.

We have several company Group Me chats for specific locations as well as management. In the introduction to my team, my owner said this about me…

“It is with great enthusiasm, excitement and really overall pride that we have hired Michael Hotard to lead (Company and location) to the next level and next stages of fun! Michael is so amazingly talented. I cannot write enough, but I will summarize as best as I can. Michael has his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Nicholls State University. He was a journalist, helped start up a marketing company, started and maintains a blog on various topics. He hails from Louisiana, but resides in _______. He’s a dad, a Disney nerd and has a fantastic sense of humor. He is creative, energetic and a great compliment to our culture.”

I was floored when I read it. I just thought, “this person has known me less than a month and summarized me very well.” One word, investment. They know me. They know my interests. They know my personality. They know my background. They know my passions. They embraced me for who I am. In that embracement, selected me to help take their business to the next level. That’s always a good feeling.

The last 3-4 weeks have been absolutely wild due to the long hours of training and getting settled. It’s been exhausting, but uplifting at the same time. There is so much positive energy I can’t help but feel excited, even after working 10 days straight including a shift yesterday from 10am to 12 am.

I can’t thank my wife enough for her undeniable support and continued support as I adjust my new position. I haven’t been home much since starting the job.

A week after accepting the position, I hopped in my car to head to Augusta, GA for training. It’s about 3.5 hours from where I live so I was gone for 5 days. I came home late one night only to hop on a plane to Florence, KY the very next day for more training at another location for 5 days.

Then I flew to New Orleans to meet my family there for my daughter’s baptism and birthday party. I spent Memorial Day Weekend with them uninterrupted. I arrived at my location on that following Tuesday. Since then, I have been running the gauntlet. But if you enjoy something as much as I enjoy this new position, the fun does not fade.

For the first time in a long time, I come home happy and excited for the next day.

I may be young, but one thing I have learned in my short time is when you invest in the people who invest in you, the rest will take care of itself.

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