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Wait, Conor McGregor Talking Shit? Nooooo?

You either die a hero…or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Except Conor McGregor has never been the hero. Why the hell are we all of a sudden pretending he is something that he isn’t?

Why the FOOK people are outraged by me favorite fighter?

I could sit here and say I don’t understand why. I fully understand why though…he’s losing. McGregor has seen better days as a fighter winning only 1 of his last 5 fights dating back to 2016. Some attribute it to age. Some attribute it to potential laziness in his preparation due to the vastly different lifestyle he now lives. Some even say his career is lucky…those people are idiots.

One thing has remained with Notorious. He has an uncanny ability to get under his opponents’ skin and sell fights with his mouth. Then more often than not, he delivers on those fights.

Now that he isn’t, fans are turning on him.

Guess what shitheads? You’re still fucking tuning in because he is doing what he has always done…selling fights, selling himself better than any fucking dude or chick to step inside the octagon. It is being reported that this might be the second highest UFC PPV in history behind his match with Khabib from a few years ago.

Speaking of, guess who’s living rent free in Khabib’s head? McGregor. Khabib already came out with his thoughts on the man he beat shitting on the people who still support him. He came out talking about how big of a piece of shit McGregor is…says the guy who jumped into a crowd of people, who’s camp stormed the octagon after he beat McGregor.

Take a number for the I Hate Conor McGregor fan club which appears to be growing by the minute these days.

The underwhelming fight with Dustin Poirier finished due to stoppage after McGregor broke his foot. The talking didn’t stop as McGregor sat in the corner being attended to for the injury. In his post fight interview, he once again brought up his opponent’s wife. I am not saying whether it is right or wrong. I am saying it gets people talking. It sells. That is ultimately what half the battle is with combat sports.

That brings me to the next point about McGregor and his trash talk. He talked trash after losing and we are hearing things like sore loser and all he does is make excuses when he loses or the classic he’s had a lucky career.

First and foremost, you don’t get to be 22-6 by being lucky.

Let’s put to bed the idea that McGregor is a sore loser when he has always taken losses in stride and even gone as far to give credit when the dust settles. He mentioned it would have been a different fight had he not broken his foot. Maybe it would have. Maybe it wouldn’t have. It was unfortunate and those watching were robbed of what could have been.

That being said, I want you to go find the excuses he made after losing to Khabib or Nate Diaz or any other opponent he has lost to. In fact, quite the opposite. When he lost to Khabib, he admitted he did not give credit for the stand up brought in that fight. He put out a lengthy post giving nothing but praise to his opponent and the game plan he executed. Even after Khabib showed he was a sore winner. Weird flex.

Against Diaz, McGregor made no excuses on his loss despite fighting up at 170. He returns to 170 and beats Nate Diaz a few months later. Only after defeating Nate Diaz at 170 did McGregor say Diaz needed to meet him at 155 for the third fight, which has still yet to happen. Hopefully soon.

McGregor could have easily said “Oh, it would be different when I am not fighting up weight classes,” but he didn’t.

So essentially, there are plenty of stigmas with McGregor right now that just hold no merit.

One of the things I will always love about McGregor is that he can show humility while still selling fights with his mouth. He talks shit relentlessly both in victory and defeat, without shelling excuses when it’s the latter. That takes fortitude. I always hate the guy who only knows how to run his mouth when things are going well. Be able to talk shit when your back is against a wall or in defeat. McGregor does that better than anyone.

Now that the losses are flowing, the narrative is shifting. Even people who have been fans of his are beginning to listen to the outside noise surrounding him. That noise simply isn’t accurate.






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