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Giannis: Broke the Mold of What the NBA is

Giannis Antetokuounmpo…what can I say? Absolute baller.

For years, we have heard whether or not he can get in done in the playoffs while others have blamed the supporting cast. My personal thought, you can’t win with a big as your focal point in today’s NBA. I was wrong. I had them reaching the Finals but ultimately losing in my preseason picks.

Today’s NBA is built from the outside in. The focal point of your team cannot be a person who lacks outside shooting ability…wrong. Giannis just rewrote the book. What better person to do it? For all the things the NBA has been, he is simultaneously everything the NBA is not. He is not the outside scorer. He is not a Steph, KD or even LeBron who has a deadly mid range and above average 3.

He is the most dominant inside scorer in the league by a mile, shooting 64% from 2 point land for the season and matching it in the postseason. The Bucks just dare teams to stop it knowing there’s not a whole bunch you can do to defend the Greek Freak. It’s the polar opposite of the NBA is supposed to be.

If you isolate and put someone on an island, you can’t stop him. If you put help, then you’re leaving holes for open shots.

The last time an NBA Champion was led by a dominant inside presence dates back to the early 2000s with Tim Duncan or maybe even earlier with the Lakers led by Shaq and Kobe. It’s not the makeup or DNA of basketball in 2021. Yet, here we are after all the questions whether or not they could win.

Not only did he rewrite the book on how to win in the sense of on the court, he rewrote the book on how to win the “right” way. One of the stigmas with today’s NBA is leaving franchises to chase rings. It is stigma created by the mush minded “hOw MaNy RiNgS He GoT ThOuGh?” fans.

Giannis could have walked away from the Bucks and speculation started becoming he should because they couldn’t win. Instead of taking the easier path, Giannis doubled down on his commitment to the franchise signing a $228 million extension last December. That commitment and hunger led to the pinnacle of the NBA and the Bucks hoisting the NBA Finals Championship.

It couldn’t have happened to a better fucking player. In addition to the 2 MVPs he holds to his name, add a Finals MVP and a ring to that hardware.

“When you focus on the past, that’s your ego. When you focus on the future, that’s your pride. I try to focus on the moment and the present. That’s being humble. That is going out there and enjoying the game. That is a skill that I have tried to perfect it.”

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