Throughout the pandemic, it is has been disinformation, misinformation and a whole lot of stupid.

I have seen a countless number of people hop on social media to combat that stupidity with pro vaccine posts. They usually begin with some sort of virtue signaling such as…

“I normally don’t post about these things…”

“I typically keep these opinions to myself…”

“I understand how you are feeling, but…”

Well, I am not a virtue signaler. I don’t always choose the moral high ground. Nor do I give a shit about choosing the moral high ground with certain people. Even less so do I give a shit certain people’s feelings toward me.

Right now, the world is facing the ongoing crisis of Covid19. I could do a deep dive laying every reason why you should get vaccinated. It will ultimately fall on deaf ears.

I could explain how polio is no longer a problem and there will be a goal post moved. I could explain how new strains will continue to be prevalent as long as the virus can keep spreading and there will be a goal post moved. I could explain how a number of every day items are not “FDA approved” and there will be a goal post moved. I could explain the number of hospitalizations of the unvaccinated vs vaccinated and yet another goal post will be moved. I could explain how even vaccinated people can be at risk because nothing is foolproof and a goalpost will be moved.

The people who are electing to not get vaccinated don’t want to see the facts. Yet, they will always demand more facts then proceed to tell you why they are not good enough.

They don’t want to have honest conversation because they don’t know what honest conversation looks like. If you present any form of factual relevance, we get sparked into the what aboutisms that make absolutely zero sense to the situation in question.

For the people who are anti-vaxx or anti-mask, they don’t deserve decorum or respect. They clearly lack both based on their ill-advised decisions on Covid19 that continuously put people at risk. It’s been that way since the start.

We’re not dealing with fully functional individuals. We are dealing science deniers who scream they are trying to take away our freedom. Good, fuck your “freedom” because it is putting other people’s lives at risk…like my children. You can bet your ass they will be vaccinated when the time comes. Sure, some mouth breather will scream how children don’t die from this. Not now they don’t. The hospitalizations for children is still a small percentage. However, that percentage went up tenfold from a year ago. Not exactly trending in the right direction there.

If it were up to me (which of course it is not), vaccines would be mandated.

*Insert comment from idiot who screams communism who can’t distinguish the difference between communism and socialism*

Which is really ironic because the people who scream this are often the people who beat the drum that socialized medicine means we wouldn’t have great healthcare. Meanwhile these same dildos are causing influxes of Covid patients overrunning our medical facilities and staff. I went and got tested for strep two weeks ago and it was a 4 hour wait in which I slept in my car. But yeah tell me more about not getting care.

As the great Ser Bronn of the Blackwater said…

“There’s no cure for being a cunt.”

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