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NFL 2021 Week 6 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

The Opening – My favorite moment of Week 6 was easily Aaron Rodgers yelling at Bears fans who were flipping him off, saying “I fucking own you.” People can hate on his attitude all they want, but Aaron Rodgers is a shit bag in the best way possible, period.

Hotard Huddle Podcast – Ep47 releases Thursday. We discuss Derrick Henry, Myles Garrett or Trevon Diggs DPOY, Best Clutch QBs, Danny’s Annual Sucks List and Fantasy Football. Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, etc. Listen to all episodes by going to podcast/videos tab.

As per usual, start this off with the Weekly Picks.

  • Packers (-5.5) Win
  • Chiefs (-6.5) Win
  • Steelers (-5) Loss
  • Bills (-5.5) Loss
  • Chargers (+2.5) Loss

Season Record: 13-16-1

Derrick Freaking Henry

Derrick Henry and the Titans defeated the Bills on Monday Night Football in an absolute barn burner. Henry enters the MVP conversation as a running back. I talked about this last year after he rushed for 2,000 yards. It would take something remarkable for him to be considered for the award namely given to quarterbacks.

Gone are the days of RBs running roughshod on the NFL and being the focal point of offenses. However, Henry is the exception, not the rule. He brings me back to childhood when the RBs were 20 deep in the league and toting the rock 25 times per game. Henry is about to obliterate that if the pace continues.

Henry is currently on pace for 459 carries (NFL record), 2,218 yards (NFL Record) and 28 Rushing TDs (Tied 1st NFL Record). Even with the added game, I don’t care. That stat line would be utterly ridiculous. It would also mark the 3rd year in a row that he has led the NFL in carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

Because this is something that the NFL in 2021 is not used to seeing, I often wonder when the tires fall off. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Three consecutive seasons with 300 carries and now he is on pace for 459. I wonder how long the career will last. It reminds me much like Barry Sanders (although 2 completely different styles obviously).

Assuming everything goes par for the course, he will be the only rusher in NFL history to reach 2,000 yards more than once. If he has another 2-3 seasons at this level, he can stamp his way to Canton as a first ballot HOFs even if his career is done by 2025. He has accomplished so much in so little. It is remarkable.

Trevon Diggs

I have raved plenty on the pod as well as here about the Cowboys. We knew the offense would put up points, but the defense is making waves with Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs. What a 1-2 punch that is. Diggs once again found his way to another interceptions (7) and found pay dirt in a crucial situation.

Diggs could sit out the rest of the season and his stat line could be worthy of all pro recognition six freaking games into the season. He has 7 INTs with 2 TDs along with 11 pass deflections. On top of that, the QB rating against him as of Tuesday (stats update Wednesday) is a mere 29.2.

He is the NFL’s best ball hawk by far.

Tired of People Overreacting on QB Slumps

Patrick Mahomes is currently 3-3 and has an uncharacteristic 8 interceptions on the season. Naturally, there are people questioning if the NFL hAs FiGuReD HiM OuT. He still leads the NFL in TD Passes and in the top 5 yards. Mahomes is still the best QB in football, bar none. If you think otherwise, please don’t breed.

This is what we do with great QBs though. They hit one little slump where their floor is still exponentially higher than most QBs ceilings and they get questioned. They get questioned about whether or not they are still at THAT level. Answer, he is. Don’t be stupid. It’s a fucking slump.

We saw the same question with Aaron Rodgers after week 1 when they got demolished by the Saints in one of his worst games ever with 133 yards and 2 interceptions. Since then, he has tossed 1,303 yards, 12 touchdowns and 1 interception because he is Aaron Fucking Rodgers. We saw it with Tom Brady during his final season in New England when the receivers couldn’t get open and the offensive line couldn’t block. Here we are as the 44 year old GOAT is on pace for 5,848 yards, 48 TDs and 8 INTs. That would arguably be his best season to date.

Much like these other great QBs, bury your head in the sand if you really think Mahomes has been figured out.

Week 7 Power Rankings

  1. Arizona Cardinals (6-0)
  2. Dallas Cowboys (5-1)
  3. Los Angeles Rams (5-1)
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-1)
  5. Green Bay Packers (5-1)
  6. Buffalo Bills (4-2)
  7. Baltimore Ravens (5-1)
  8. Los Angeles Chargers (4-2)
  9. Kansas City Chiefs (3-3)
  10. Cincinnati Bengals (4-2)
  11. Tennessee Titans (4-2)
  12. New Orleans Saints (3-2)
  13. Las Vegas Raiders (4-2)
  14. Cleveland Browns (3-3)
  15. Minnesota Vikings (3-3)
  16. San Francisco 49ers (2-3)
  17. Carolina Panthers (3-3)
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3)
  19. Denver Broncos (3-3)
  20. Chicago Bears (3-3)
  21. New England Patriots (2-4)
  22. Seattle Seahawks (2-4)
  23. Philadelphia Eagles (2-4)
  24. Washington Football Team (2-4)
  25. Indianapolis Colts (2-4)
  26. Atlanta Falcons (2-3)
  27. Miami Dolphins (1-5)
  28. Detroit Lions (0-6)
  29. New York Jets (1-4)
  30. New York Giants (1-5)
  31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5)
  32. Houston Texans (1-5)

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