The ULTIMATE HYPE MAN IS BACK!! Holy crap, I cannot even express how excited I am. The Saints traded for former RB Mark Ingram. He’s back! While Ingram has certainly seen better days as a back, who cares? If nothing else, he brings leadership, energy and a boost in team morale.

It is clear as day that the Who Dat Nation is ready to welcome back their former first round pick. He was an integral part of so many great Saints squads including 2011, 2017 and 2018.

Here are 5 reasons why it is awesome.

5. Become the Saints All TIme Leading Rusher

Ingram is less than 100 yards shy of breaking Deuce McAllister’s career rushing yards with the Saints. Now that he returns, I hope he manages to get the record in his first game back. Give that man his due.

4. The Ultimate Hype Man Returns

I already said it above and I will say it again. Mark Ingram is they hype man you want in your corner every single time. The Big Truss nickname unfortunately began in Baltimore, but every Saints fan who saw the viral video loved it. If they didn’t, they damn well should. Now the Saints get back one of the locker leaders who is always putting his teammates over and leading the team in dancing. So hype.

3. Back to a Winning Team

Ingram got lost in the dumpster fire that is the Texans. Now he returns to a team who is looking like a playoff team 7 weeks through the season. Maybe he can give the black and gold just one more big playoff run.

2. He Can Hopefully Retire with the Saints Versus the One Day Contract

It was gut wrenching to see Ingram walk away from the Saints. I don’t think I have ever been more mad at the Saints letting someone walk. I hated seeing them lose such a great leader and locker room guy and downright entertaining player. It didn’t end on the best terms per se, but certainly not the worst. Now he gets the opportunity to suit up and play, hopefully finishing out however many years may be left with the black and gold.


The other reasons are merely fluff. The only reason I need to be excited about this is the reuniting of Boom and Zoom. Watching those two clown on the sidelines, dance with each other after big plays and just be the best damn bromance in New Orleans was the greatest thing ever.

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