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Month: December 2021

  • (Ep50) The Playoff Push

    (Ep50) The Playoff Push

    Apple Podcasts (click here) Spotify (click here) Anchor (click here) Pocket Cast(Click here) Google Podcasts (Click here) Breaker (Click here) Radio Public (Click here) On episode 50, we discuss the NFL Awards, SB contenders and where we were right and wrong for the 2021 NFL Season. As always, we discuss some fantasy football and how…

  • NFL Week 14 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

    NFL Week 14 Not So Monday Morning Thoughts

    The Opening – The landscape of the league is coming to fruition. At this point, we have a firm grasp on what team’s are contenders and pretenders. It is December, which means the good teams are beginning to tighten up on both sides of the ball…putting to bed any bullshit slung toward them during the season.…

  • The Convoluted Mess of Fantasy Football

    The Convoluted Mess of Fantasy Football

    Well happy freaking Monday. While I have already written (missing as of late) the Not So Monday Morning Thoughts and waiting for MNF to finish up, I decided to write about one of my favorite activities in the world. Fantasy Fucking Football. I mean there is just nothing like imposing your will on your friends…