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The Real Reason Behind the Angel Reese Faux Outrage

She’s black.

This is status quo for brash athletes who are black.

And it’s fucking stupid.

Have fun. Talk trash. Be competitive. Do you. It’s sports.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


3 responses to “The Real Reason Behind the Angel Reese Faux Outrage”

  1. Be Fit and Healthy Avatar

    Amazing post
    Great post! I completely agree that it’s ridiculous how some people view brashness in black athletes as the norm. My question is, how do you think we can shift this harmful stereotype and allow all athletes, regardless of their race, to express themselves freely in their sport?
    Jessica Dunne


    1. Hotardhuddle Avatar

      Thank you for reading and commenting! Unfortunately, I don’t have that answer. When it comes to sports, brashness is ok to me. I think humility is one of the most misunderstood traits in professional sports. Competition brings out a lot of emotions in people. The reality is, people like Muhammad Ali faced the same backlash. Winning cured that. Cam Newton will always be viewed in a negative light because of it. The best potential answer I can give is having honest conversations with people about who they are, where they come from and the hurdles they have faced. For white people, most of them do not know how to have those conversations because the topic of race makes them uncomfortable when speaking to those of a different race.

      Also, absolutely love your site layout!


  2. Robert Hotard Avatar
    Robert Hotard

    Some people will always find something to complain about. I watch and read various things. Where we went wrong in sports is giving everyone a trophy it gives the wrong signal to young players. Many people find it necessary to make disparaging remarks for many reasons, color, where they grew up and being from poor neighborhoods. My final comment you go Angel and the rest of the LSU woman’s team. Congrats to coach and entire teem


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