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10 Kids TV Show Themes That Are Absolute Bangers

There is nothing like turning on the tube or streaming device these days and being melted by an absolute banger of an intro.

While themes don’t make or break shows obviously, they certainly help the cause. One of the first themes that automatically pops in is Fresh Prince. Play that in a bar after people have had a few drinks, promise you the place goes nuts.

Without spoiling anything since I am only writing about kid shows here. When you think of mega popular shows like Game of Thrones, Friends and The Office, most people are at least familiar with those themes even if they haven’t watched an episode. They’re just too iconic.

That is what I am here to rank. The only criteria for this is the song has to be something you would absolutely blast driving in your car, windows down with 0 shame.

As per usual, this is my own personal rank of favorites. You may agree, you may disagree. Feel free to drop a comment with yours.

Before the full list, here are some Honorable Mentions you absolutely need to check out…

  • Bluey
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends
  • Muppet Babies
  • Vampirina
  • Bear in the Big Blue House

10. All That

This is Classic 90s. TLC doing TLC shit.

9. Hannah Montana

Nevermind the fact, I had a crush on Miley Cyrus. I am sure that helped. I loved this show. I loved Hannah Montana music.

8. Little Einsteins

I feel like this one in polarizing because there are so many hateful comments about it. I am not gonna lie. If this played at my wedding, I would have went ape shit. I may or not have fantasized about it.

7. Winnie the Pooh

My kids recently started watching the TV Show. I forgot how GREAT this theme is. It came back to me instantly when I heard it the other day. I’ll thank this for being the entire reason I am writing this.

6. Out of the Box (Goodbye Song)

Ok, so I am kind of cheating on this one. It is not an intro, but it is an outro. I still love this one all these years later. I don’t remember anything else about the show. But, I damn sure remember this song.

5. Blues Clues and You

Whether Steve, Joe or Josh, all these dudes have a special place in my heart. I love them all. This show has just been a titan for kids TV since I have been on this planet. They really nailed the opening them with Josh though.

4. Mickey Mouse Club

An OG. The Mickey Mouse Club theme is a timeless classic. I still love it and listen to it on the regular, thanks to my Disney playlists. I listen to those every morning when I drop the kids off. They absolutely love this as much as I do.

3. What’s New, Scooby Doo?

It’s Scooby Doo. It’s Simple Plan. What’s not to love?

2. Duck Tales

On a recent adult Disney Trip with the wifey in 2022, we were eating at Tusker House. I had to take a shit. So I go to the bathroom. While enjoying my time on the porcelain throne, this came on. There was a guy in the stall next to me who also felt the need to belt out “LIFE IS LIKE HURRICAAAANE, HERE. IN. DUCK.BURG.” Both of us started laughing. Just two grown ass men enjoying the little things.

1. Pokémon

I mean, this is the reigning, undisputed, defending champion at number one. There’s not a song that comes close. Thank you Jason Paige.



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