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NBA Playoff Predictions

With NFL Draft on the horizon, MLB cranking up and NBA Playoffs beginning, it is a great time of the year to be a sports fan.

The NBA Playoffs are such a special time of the year. I LOVE and I mean FUCKING LOVE NBA Playoff basketball. Teams buckle down. Defenses tighten up. Megastars look human at times.

While most of the time it is pretty predictable of who is left standing, it never ceases to entertain and glue me to the edge of my seat.

Here we go. I will give my breakdown on every first round matchup with my pick. As I usually do before every postseason, I will share the full predictions before it even begins.

Western Conference

1. Denver Nuggets v 8. TBD

Joker does joker shit in round 1. I wrote this before even knowing the matchup. I don’t care what the matchup is.

Nuggets in 4

2. Memphis Grizzlies v 7. Los Angeles Lakers

I mentioned that defenses tighten up in the postseason. Playing too emotional MATTERS. Experience MATTERS. The Grizz are youthful in every sense of the word. I think it ends up bleeding through quickly. Love him or hate him, LeBron is a different animal in the playoffs. While I don’t know for sure how long the Lakers ride in the postseason, I’d take it to the bank that they handle business in round 1.

Lakers in 6

3. Sacramento Kings v 6. Golden State Warriors

Warriors took many people by surprise last year and I think they could be poised to do it again. I don’t understand why people continue to underestimate the HOF trio of Steph, Klay and Draymond. They’ve been here before, many times.

Warriors in 5

4. Phoenix Suns v 5. Los Angeles Clippers

As much as I want to pick the Clippers, it’s a no from me. While I believe Paul George is overrated in many ways, LA is going to miss having his defense against the Suns. Fuck KD, CP3 and Book.

Suns in 5

Eastern Conference

1. Milwaukee Bucks v 8. TBD

Bulls or Heat, doesn’t matter.

Bucks in 4

2. Boston Celtics v 7. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are fun. Trae Young is fun. I am sure they will have some highlight moments in the series. They don’t have a shot against Boston. Banged up or not, Boston is too loaded and too talented.

Celtics in 5

3. Philadelphia 76ers v 6. Brooklyn Nets

The Nets are a fun story for me. They make the playoffs after losing the dumpster fire of head cases. But, they’re dealing with Harden and Embiid. The latter being a potential MVP candidate behind his league leading 33.1 points per game. Meanwhile, Harden led the league in assists per game. They are going to feast on the Nets.

76ers in 4

4. Cleveland Cavaliers v 5. New York Knicks

This is the matchup I am probably most looking forward to for round 1. There are just too many unknown variables about these teams. It’s two fresh teams that really haven’t been here. It’s a classic case of great defense v great offense. I will take the defense here.

Cavs in 7

Full Playoff Tree Prediction

Round 1
Nuggets over TBD
Lakers over Grizz
Warriors over Kings
Suns over Clippers

Bucks over TBD
Celtics over Hawks
76ers over Nets
Cavs over Knicks

Conference Semis
Suns over Nuggets
Warriors over Lakers

Bucks over Cavs
Celtics over 76ers

Conference Finals
Warriors over Suns
Bucks over Celtics

Warriors over Bucks

I am sure we will laugh at how bad this is come June. But maybe not.



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