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No Frontierland in Magic Kingdom?

I shared a post the other day linking a video from Mickey Views discussing the possibility of dropping Frontierland from Magic Kingdom. The video is attached to the bottom of my post here.

In a nutshell, the discussion of rebranding centers around Tiana’s Bayou Adventure which is of course slated to replace Splash Mountain. I wrote a column on my thoughts regarding the reimagining (Read that by clicking here).

Of course I am still sad seeing Splash Mountain go, but I know Disney is going to blow me away with what they have cooked up with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. My daughter loves Tiana. One childhood memory becomes locked away. New memories open for my kids. It’s the gift that keeps on giving with Disney. That’s ultimately one of the core ideas Walt himself believed in.

The burning question with the re-imagining is HOW THE FUCK does a bayou fit in with Frontierland?

Short answer, it doesn’t.

Keep in mind. None of this is confirmed at all. It’s purely speculation at this point. But, I figured I will give my two cents on the possibility of this re-theming.

Let’s start with how the layout would look. There have been rumors of Encanto and Coco themed attractions in Magic Kingdom. There is also rumors of a Villains themed land, which I am most excited for.

Mickey Views mapped out how it could potentially look. Disney has the option to expand beyond Big Thunder. So the speculation would be re-theming a small section of Frontierland into a New Orleans setting. Big Thunder would be part of a Desert Themed land along with the previously mentioned Encanto (Colombia) and Coco (Mexico). Then that would eventually turn into a villains themed land and finishing up around Haunted Mansion to make a loop. You end up back in Liberty Square.

Initial Thoughts

  • Big Thunder Remains in tact

Big Thunder is one of my favorite rides in Disney. That was my initial concern reading the headline for the video. Without Frontierland, how does Big Thunder make any sense to remain? Luckily, it could be looped in with a Desert theme leaving THE WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESSSSS.

  • Eliminate Overcrowding and Bottlenecking

While I don’t want this to seem like a Karen-like complaint, it does get pretty crowded in Liberty Square and Frontierland. This is especially the case when they are roping off the parade route. While I have become used to it and can make my way through, eliminating that bottlenecking with a loop around would be a HUGE bonus.

  • Keeping the Country Bears

The Country Bears are one of those things synonymous with Magic Kingdom for me. Being able to keep them around is an added plus. I wouldn’t necessarily be as torn about removing them as Big Thunder obviously, but I would miss them.

There is also a little bit of sentimental value with the Country Bears for me. For my little dude’s first Disney trip, we were walking in Frontierland when Shaker (one of the bears) just sat down and started playing with him. It is still hands down one of my favorite of many great memories in Disney World. This is the classic case of maybe your tiny human won’t remember it, but you will. Then you can turn around and share that memory when they’re older.

  • Keeping Tom Sawyer Island

This is such a fun little attraction to do with your kids. This is hands down one of my son’s favorite things to do in Disney. It gives him the opportunity to run around freely and explore the cool areas of the island like the dark mines, the windmill and the big fortress with the rifle towers.

Thoughts on Each Land

  • New Orleans

I feel like this re-theming is inevitable because Tiana’s Bayou Adventure (much like Splash Mountain) will be one of the park pillars. The video discussed turning some of the Frontierland buildings into more of French Quarter look. Imagineers have been spotted looking in Pecos Bill and the surrounding areas.

One of the things that has been confirmed I believe is that Disney intends to pump the smell of beignets throughout the line of the attraction. The video discussed the idea of turning Pecos Bill into Tiana’s Café serving beignets and other New Orleans style foods.

Being from New Orleans, I know what the real thing tastes like. It’s Disney though. I trust them to hit a dinger with it. If not, I would be massively disappointed because I enjoy Pecos Bill.

  • Desert Themed Land

I think the theming lacks a wow factor to it, but it does make sense. Colombia and Mexico obviously are home to some of the world’s largest desert. So you can get away with the theming. Big Thunder would obviously fit as it is a mining camp. It does tie it all together.

Shamefully, I admit that I have still not watched Coco (insert boos). But from what I do know about the film, a Coco themed land would be eye popping to say the least. Walking through Santa Cecelia hearing Un Poco Loco and Remember Me would be pretty fucking dope.

The other thing I immediately think of is how much Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party would benefit with a Day of the Dead celebration.

Now, let’s actually talk about Bruno. Ok, more so Encanto.

Encanto is already getting the rub in Disney as it was announced Mirabel is getting a meet and greet, replacing Merida from Brave. While I can pick a couple of more modern Disney movies I fancy over Encanto, there is not denying the gravity it holds on the Disney Dorks.

We Don’t Talk About Bruno became the 2nd Disney song to hit number one on the charts next to A Whole New World. It dethroned Adele’s Easy on Me.

With some pictures surfacing of what Casita could look like in an Encanto themed land, yes please. I am all in on it.

Much like what I said with Coco, apply that to Encanto times a million. Walking by Casita as Surface Pressure, What Else Can I Do, The Family Madrigal, All of You, Colombia, Mi Encanto or We Don’t Talk About Bruno blasting, yes please.

  • Villains Land

While I would be excited for the others, it would pale in comparison to how much I’d fanboy over a villains based land.

If there is something Disney does not lack, it is compelling villains. This above all else MUST happen. Maybe it is as an Imagineer supposedly confirmed this is indeed in the works.

Although not even close to my favorite, Maleficent would likely be the prime villain of the land. She seems to be the most popular among Disney fans. I could see the main landmark being her castle. In addition, how awesome would it be walk through the Elephant Graveyard from Lion King or The Cave of Wonders from Aladdin?

The meet and greets would be endless. The land could serve as a one stop shop to meet some of your favorite villains.

As we await any sort of confirmation on any of this, the hype would undoubtedly be real.

Micky Views Full Video Below



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