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Pod Meets World – A MUST Listen for BMW Fans

It’s no secret how much I love Boy Meets World. It is hands down my favorite TV show ever made.

I want to talk about Pod Meets World.

Everyone has a podcast these days, which is fucking awesome honestly. There’s so much content out there making it easy to find things that tickle your fancy. Plus, I am all for people striking their creative side and putting things out there.

When Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence), Rider Strong (Shawn Patrick Hunter) and Will Friedle (Eric Neil Matthews aka Kyle aka Plays with Squirrels) announced the podcast, immediate excitement.

I started listening to it in January on my drive to New Orleans and I am now almost caught up. Since then, I have been listening on my commute to work daily. Honestly, it just sets a good tone for the rest of the day. I get so happy hearing the stories and recaps of the episodes.

If you love Boy Meets World, listen to the podcast. The recaps of episodes are filled with laugh out loud stories from behind the scenes. The guests that have been brought on are just amazing from series regulars to background actors.


I have been a fan of Boy Meets World since I was 7 or 8. I remember watching it repeatedly as a kid. I watched it so much that when I bought a bootlegged version (had no idea) my senior year of high school, I was quoting it verbatim. I still can.

Much like Will, I am a walking encyclopedia of movie and TV show quotes.

I don’t know how or why. But, that has been my MO since I was a kid.

If there is one show where I can quote every beat and every joke, Boy Meets World is the one.

Now, I am watching for the 928th time. What amazes me is the show just doesn’t lose steam. Whether I was 8, 10, 15, 20 and now 31, the show just hits. That is what makes it so damn special.

As a child, more so as a teenager and now as an adult, I love that the show depicts EVERY character as flawed in some way at some point. I love that it can take serious topics or topics you may not view as serious delivering a punch right into the feels. I love that in a 22 minute episode, I can be laughing hysterically and then crying 5 minutes later.

The connection for me extends beyond the means of just a well put-together TV show.

For me, I have always related so well to Cory.

For one, I was never fully comfortable in my own skin during my childhood and teen years. I was overly self conscious about how I looked, how I spoke and everything in between. It was the combination of wanting to be liked and/also wanting to no draw negative attention to myself.

Secondly, I’ve always been a bit of a wise ass. In the show (especially early BMW), Cory constantly makes his teachers’ (namely Feeny) jobs harder by the commentary on the material being taught. Enter me.

The third and most important reason of relatability is the relationship of he and Topanga. They were high school sweethearts, but not without trials and tribulations. They had their rough patches and break ups, but always found their way back.

Even the personality differences between the two of them are relatable for me.

Cory spent most of the show trying to figure out life and getting rolled over in the process. Topanga, on the other hand, did well in school. She found success and pretty much had a good grip on life from the beginning. That dynamic is my relationship to tee.

For how all over the place I am, my wife has been the person who has managed to keep grounded.

My wife was a high school honor student. I was the one falling asleep in class. She was getting A’s and B’s while I was joyously celebrating C’s. That same thing carried with us to college.

A combination of Cory being so relatable and the navigation of very real and honest things we go through as teens put the show on another stratosphere for me.

One of the recurring questions that has popped up is the impact of the podcast for fans of Boy Meets World. It often gets brought up whether or not the stories and behind the scenes look will ruin the show or enhance it.

For me, the podcast enhances the show tenfold.

I love the journalistic approach of the show uncovering the truths of all those involved behind the scenes. Even with some of the toxicity that often gets talked about, nearly every guest has no love lost and great memories to share about their experience with Boy. Specifically the young cast (Ben Savage, Rider, Danielle and Will), it gets talked about how grounded they were. That is pretty refreshing considering how big of a cultural phenomenon the show is for multiple generations.

As I watch through, I find myself saying things like Optical Flip or noticing the way Ben (Cory) says how come (hocome). It’s the little quirks and nuances I never would have thought about. It makes me feel a closer attachment to the show and cast.

I love how the show uncovers that the cast was similar to their own characters in many ways. Danielle, like Topanga, is very much a type A personality. Organized and put together. Rider, like Shawn, emotional (in a good way) and wears his heart on the sleeve. Will, like Eric, absolute comedic relief (minus being dumb of course). Every episode of the pod, I have multiple laugh out loud moments from Will.

If you’re a fan of the show, do yourself a favor and check out the pod. It’s fantastic. Some of my favorite episode guests have been…

  • Lee Norris – Stuart Minkus
  • Marla Sokoloff – more known for Gia from Full House
  • Matthew Lawrence – Jack Hunter
  • Jason Marsden – Jason Marsden
  • Tony Quinn – Mr. Turner
  • Adam Scott – Griff
  • Blake Sennett – Joey The Rat
  • Ethan Suplee – Frankie The Enforcer
  • Danny McNulty – Harley Keiner
  • Blake Clark – Chet Hunter

Blog dismissed.



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