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Top 10 Favorite Wrestlers

I first started watching wrestling when I was 4 or 5 years old. We are talking 25+ years of being a fan. Granted, there was a small hiatus for me from 2006-2010. I remember flipping through the channels as a kid landing on WCW. I was hooked. From then on, professional wrestling became one of my favorite interests. I used to spend hours on wrestling video games and playing with the action figures.

Much like anything, I find the evolution of how you feel about certain wrestlers is ever evolving. Growing up, my favorite guy was Goldberg. I had a Goldberg wrestling buddy, a pennant for my wall and this figurine that served as a game. Looking back, there is probably 20 wrestlers from WCW I would gladly take over him.

Once I moved to WWE(F), it was The Rock and Stone Cold for me. I remember buying a Stone Cold book at one of the book fairs in school. I loved Stone Cold purely because of the take no shit attitude. He embodied one of the best eras in professional wrestling. Then there was The Rock, who was a natural entertainer. If we are talking strictly promos, he would make any Top 5 list. At least he should.

There are so many moving parts to wrestler packaging from in ring work, promos, the look and everything in between. As I have navigated through the years, I found I have always fancied the talkers. It boils down to my own personality. I love a good zinger. So the guys that can deliver on the microphone always tend to be looked at through a jaded lens for me.

Wrestling is so much different than it used to be thanks to kayfabe. It is harder to keep the persona close to the vest. How MJF has managed to do it is absolutely beyond me.

The beauty of professional wrestling is that every Top 10, even Top 25, is likely so much different than the last. Personal preference plays such a monumental part in it.

For some people, it is the draw of the character. Objectively, I think the Mount Rushmore of wrestling would likely be Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Undertaker and Stone Cold. They are the 4 most recognizable probably. But, none of them are making my top 10. Stone Cold would get a nod for honorable mention.

Hogan is a mark for himself that carried over into multiple companies. Cena was the face of WWE’s transition into the Ruthless Aggression era and beyond. Undertaker is probably the best bell to bell of the 4, but the streak immortalizes him to a higher rank. Stone Cold is the face of the most iconic era of wrestling.

That being said, here are my personal top 10 Favorite Wrestlers.

Honorable Mentions: Bryan Danielson and Eddie Guerrero

10. Kenny Omega

Best Moment: Winning the AEW World Championship
Best Promo: Bet on Kenny Omega
Best Match: Omega v Bryan Danielson (AEW Dynamite)
Best Catchphrase: Goodbye (kiss) and Goodnight, Bang!
Best Theme: Battle Cry
Best Move: One Winged Angel

9. Triple H

Best Moment: Triple H Returns 2002
Best Promo: Mocking Little Jimmy
Best Match: Undertaker (WrestleMania 27)
Best Catchphrase: Suck It
Best Theme: My Time
Best Move: Pedigree

8. Randy Orton

Best Moment: Debut of Legend Killer gimmick
Best Promo: Beating the Streak (2005)
Best Match: Christian (Over The Limit 2011)
Best Catchphrase: Legend Killer
Best Theme: Voices
Best Move: RKO

7. The Rock

Best Moment: Rock / Hogan (Wrestlemania 18)
Best Promo: Mocking Hell in a Cell Opponents
Best Match: Austin III (Wrestlemania 19)
Best Catchphrase: It Doesn’t Matter
Best Theme: If You Smell
Best Move: People’s Elbow

6. CM Punk

Best Moment: MITB 2011 Stealing the Title
Best Promo: Pipe Bomb
Best Match: John Cena (MITB 2011)
Best Catchphrase: Best in the world
Best Theme: Cult of Personality
Best Move: GTS

5. Kurt Angle

Best Moment: Milk-A-Mania
Best Promo: Sexy Kurt
Best Match: Chris Benoit (Royal Rumble 2003)
Best Catchphrase: I won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin neck
Best Theme: Medal
Best Move: Moonsault

4. MJF

Best Moment: Winning AEW World Championship
Best Promo: Tony Khan is a mark
Best Match: Bryan Danielson Iron Man Match
Best Catchphrase: Better than you and you know it
Best Theme: Dig Deep
Best Move: Heatseeker

3. Shawn Michaels

Best Moment: Trolling Hulk Hogan
Best Promo: Who’s your daddy?
Best Match: Flair (Wrestlemania 24)
Best Catchphrase: I am the showstopper.
Best Theme: Sexy Boy
Best Move: Sweet Chin Music

2. Ric Flair

Best Moment: Final Match
Best Promo: A twinkle in my eye
Best Match: Michaels (Wrestlemania 24)
Best Catchphrase: Stylin and Profilin
Best Theme: Dawn
Best Move: The flop

1. Chris Jericho

Best Moment: WWE Debut
Best Promo: Man of 1,004 holds
Best Match: Omega (Double or Nothing 2019)
Best Catchphrase: You just made the list!
Best Theme: Judas
Best Move: Codebreaker



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