Welcome to the Hotard Huddle! What originally began as a sports blog evolved into a lifestyle, entertainment and sports site. The original idea behind the blog was to be a total heel. For those who may not understand that terminology…heel is a wrestling blurb for a bad guy. Heels fight dirty. They tend to run their mouths and use certain choice words to intimidate their opponents. In my blog, you will find plenty of colorful language and a level of passion like no other. I am a retired journalist. By retired, I mean I had a run that lasted an entire 7 months. After being out of the game for a few years, I got the itch to start writing again thus creating the Hotard Huddle. Consider this to be my own personal diary where I write down my thoughts concerning sports, politics, fitness, fatherhood, being a husband and everything in between. You may also notice the video and podcast section. I produce a one man show with my podcast, The Hotard Era. The podcast is just another outlet for my blog where the written word becomes the spoken word. You can also find episodes of Don’t Hold Your Tongue. The web series features myself and my good friend Daniel Hillmann debating a number of topics from movies, pop culture and more in the form of lists, drafts, tournaments and more. I hope you all enjoy my blog. If so, be sure to follow @hotardhuddle on Facebook and Instagram. Welcome to the Huddle. #HonorTheHuddle