Welcome to the Hotard Huddle! What originally began as a sports blog is now evolving into a lifestyle, entertainment and sports site. The original idea behind the blog was to be a total heel. For those who may not understand that terminology…heel is a wrestling blurb for a bad guy. Heels fight dirty. They tend to run their mouths and use certain choice words to intimidate their opponents. In my blog, I wanted to be some unfiltered potty mouth who talks a ton of smack. Consider this revamp or rebirth to be my face turn in blogging! I don’t intend to shy away from strong stances and even use some choice words at times, but it is time for something new. As I get older, I seem to have less and less time to focus on my blog and quite frankly it has been difficult to muster up sports content due to my lack of caring for almost anything happening. I want to include a more personal touch to the blog with experiences throughout my life (lifestyle) and an industry I am passionate about (fitness). I find myself moving away from the video games and more into TV Shows and Movies for entertainment, so of course that section will remain. I still plan on fanboying out sometimes over George Feeny and Gordon Bombay. For all you sports fans out there who enjoy my sports columns, have no fear. I will still bring you that hot fire when I actually care about the topic. I just want to diversify the blog, so I will. Welcome to the rebirth of the Hotard Huddle…watch me grow maaaaaan!