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  • Pod Meets World – A MUST Listen for BMW Fans

    Pod Meets World – A MUST Listen for BMW Fans

    It’s no secret how much I love Boy Meets World. It is hands down my favorite TV show ever made. I want to talk about Pod Meets World. Everyone has a podcast these days, which is fucking awesome honestly. There’s so much content out there making it easy to find things that tickle your fancy.…

  • Mock Draft 2.0 (Fictional Football Players)

    Mock Draft 2.0 (Fictional Football Players)

    It’s an oldie, but goodie. This is the Mock Draft 2.0 with a twist…we are drafting fictional players. I will include trades in this one and give a short breakdown with a draft grade.

  • No Frontierland in Magic Kingdom?

    No Frontierland in Magic Kingdom?

    I shared a post the other day linking a video from Mickey Views discussing the possibility of dropping Frontierland from Magic Kingdom. The video is attached to the bottom of my post here. In a nutshell, the discussion of rebranding centers around Tiana’s Bayou Adventure which is of course slated to replace Splash Mountain. I…