What up world! I am Michael Hotard. I am the founder and creator of the Hotard Huddle, easily the greatest blog known to man. The Huddle began as a sports blog back in May 2016. You see, all my life I wanted to be a sports broadcaster and journalist. That dream was short lived. After realizing how much I despised the field of journalism, I quit writing after being fired in January of 2015. I felt no desire to do so until that fire burned inside of me again. I took what I learned at THE Nicholls State University and launched my sports blog. As life develops, so do skills. I started writing about everything under the sun from sports, entertainment, politics and life in general. It is raw. It is real. It is unfiltered. It is THE HOTARD HUDDLE! #HonorTheHuddle #BringItIn

*Disclaimer – any associated accounts or associated businesses do not reflect my opinions, language or rhetoric*

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