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Welcome to the Hotard Huddle. I am Michael Hotard, founder and creator of this blog. Hotard Huddle began as a sports blog back in May 2016 to scratch the itch of sports journalism. That is ultimately what I went to school for at THE Nicholls State University. My journalism career was short lived though. Like many people, I received a degree in something and then found myself doing something else for career. This gave me the outlet to still do something I have a passion for. Over time, the blog evolved into more than just sports. It became a collection of stories and opinions for all things me. The blog became a therapeutic measure in a sense. I just enjoy writing and putting whatever comes to mind out there. Sometimes it sticks. Sometimes it doesn’t. If nothing else, it is authentic. I am sarcastic. I am bold. I am direct. I am unapologetically me. It is THE HOTARD HUDDLE! #HonorTheHuddle #BringItIn


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