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Hotard Huddle Podcast (Ep3) – Andrew Luck, Andrew Blackwell Joins (Main Squeeze Juice Co, Ed Reed, Saints and Fantasy), AEW v WWE, Mob Movie Fascination and more.

Check out Episode 3 of the Hotard Huddle Podcast on the platforms below. New episodes release on the 1st and 15th of the month. Spotify – Audio (click here) iTunes – Audio (click here) Anchor – Audio (click here)  Facebook – Video (click here)  YouTube – Video (Click Below)

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Does anyone honestly give two shits about the Heisman anymore?

The Heisman Trophy presentation was an event I looked forward to almost every year growing up, but as the years continue to pass, the less intrigued I am. Part of it is because my dying interest. Unless it is Nicholls (my alma mater, go Colonels bitch), I really don’t care about college sports. I would much rather the professional scene. Even more

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