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  • Top 30 Best Movie Rivalries

    Top 30 Best Movie Rivalries

    Perhaps my favorite suggestion from a friend and follower of Hotard Huddle is the column you are about to see. I received a text the other day saying a good topic would be the best rivalries in movie history. I instantly fell in love with the idea of the topic. I think a lot of…

  • 37 Movie Monologues I Love

    37 Movie Monologues I Love

    Happy Sunday everyone. I wanted to divert away from hardcore nerd sports analysis and politics for a minute. One of my favorite parts of a movie is when they capture you with a monologue. Below I share some of my all-time favorites. Some of them are short. Some of them long. Some are witty. Some…

  • The Ultimate Movie Survey

    The Ultimate Movie Survey

    I did this survey back in 2017. I wanted to see how much my answers varied from three years ago. I am doing it again. I added a few more questions to them mix. I have always loved movies from the time I was a child. I think I came in a great time period…