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Drew Brees v Michael Thomas: The Less Than 24 Hour Feud and Putting the What Before the Why

By now, we know the story regarding Saints QB Drew Brees. In the shortest of recaps, Drew Brees speaks about protests saying he doesn’t agree with kneeling for the flag. We can pretend to ignore this, but Michael Thomas is 100% the real leader of the Saints right now. The Saints star receiver starts tweeting about it. Malcolm Jenkins makes

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Nearly 4 Years Later: More of the 72% Are Finally Listening, Learning and Speaking Out

Through the noise of all the buildings burning, the arrests of the officers, the protests, the re-touching on Colin Kaepernick and the posts on social media talking about racial injustice, the biggest net positive to all of it… The voices are finally being heard. The narrative hijacking seems to be under control (as much as some are trying). The original

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